By Cynthia Vera

For most people experiencing life through the digital world, romance usually starts with a swipe on Tinder or Bumble. Followed by an awkward date and a few days of intentionally not messaging so as to not appear clingy or desperate. However, for author and mindset coach Natasha Grino and founder of PR firm ‘Mindful Media’ Michael Grazino, this was not the case. 

Meeting in the invite-only audio app Clubhouse a week after Valentine’s Day last year, the pair knew they had found something special that sparked a unique modern-day romance. Later connecting on Instagram for a professional business relationship, the lovebirds’ story soon blossomed into a romantic fairytale. 

Returning back to Clubhouse on the 6th of June, the power couple made history on the platform when they became the first-ever couple to get married on the app. In a room with nearly 27, 000 eager and excited listeners, the pair shattered the conventional norms of a traditional marriage ceremony; and might have set a new world record for the largest number of wedding guests. 

Their two-hour ceremony was one of a kind with guests being able to enjoy the digital wedding from the comfort of their sofas, wearing a pair of their favourite sweatpants; taking pressure away from the audience to dress to impress. Though, their registry most definitely made up for this with gifts including a $95 bottle of champagne and a $5,000 Caribbean getaway at a five-star hotel.

Whilst saying your “I do’s” to a room of virtual, audio-only attendees might seem atypical, for the newlyweds this was a fitting monumental event – considering they met on the platform. 

Joining in Clubhouse holy matrimony to exchange their vows and rings, this modern day romance is a true testimony to the unexpected and bold ways that couples often share their love with a community of supportive people.


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