It’s time to settle the score: do UK brides really do it better, or are our American cousins stealing the show? Let’s dive into the wedding warzone and explore five spicy differences that set us apart!

According to a survey conducted by the UK’s largest wedding venue collection, the Gilchrist Collection, there are some key differences in the ways Brits plan their big day, compared to that of Americans.

Samantha Gilchrist, the owner of the Gilchrist Collection, has had the pleasure of helping thousands of engaged couples with their wedding, across 12 venues, both in the UK and US.

“When we opened our first US wedding venue Bella Costa in Florida”, said Samantha. “I was shocked at the differences between UK and US weddings. It is fair to say that although both UK and US brides really value their big day, their methods and priorities can differ greatly. Here are the 5 key things I’ve noticed”.

Guest List Drama: UK Style

UK brides are caught in a frenzy over guest lists, with 45% sweating bullets over who’s in and who’s out. Meanwhile, across the pond, only 17% of American couples lose sleep over seating charts. Has our British politeness gone haywire, or are US couples just better at drawing the line? Maybe it’s time we take a leaf from their book and learn to say ‘no’ to Great Aunt Ethel! Create an A,B,C list. The ‘A’ list is day guests, list ‘B’ should consist of evening guests, and finally list ‘C’; people who you wouldn’t mind if they were unable to come or who are acquaintances.

Rehearsal Dinners: To Do or Not to Do?

Rehearsal dinners: the ultimate pre-wedding stress inducer or a stroke of genius? While our American pals swear by them, UK couples are more likely to skip the rehearsal dinner drama. It’s one more thing to plan which may seem stressful to already overwhelmed couples, however lots of Americans claim it helps them feel reassured that everything will run smoothly on the day itself, with everyone knowing clearly where they need to be when.

DIY vs. Professional Help: Battle of the Brides

UK brides are taking the reins, with a whopping 79% diving headfirst into wedding planning solo. Meanwhile, savvy American brides are enlisting the help of the pros, with 18% opting for a wedding planner. Is it independence versus efficiency, or are we Brits just too stubborn for our own good? Who needs a planner when you’ve got grit and determination?

Private First Looks vs. Tradition

Across the pond, US couples are sneaking private first looks, setting the stage for heart-melting moments away from prying eyes. But here in the UK, tradition reigns supreme, with brides saving that first glimpse for the grand aisle reveal. It’s a showdown between modern romance and time-honoured superstition. Will love conquer all, or will tradition hold its ground?

Show Me the Money: Payment Styles

When it comes to paying for the big day, US couples are all about one-and-done, while UK lovebirds prefer the pay-as-you-go approach. Is it a matter of financial planning or just cultural differences? Are American couples living in the future, or are Brits playing it safe? It’s a clash of financial philosophies, and the stakes couldn’t be higher!

So there you have it, folks: five differences that make UK and US weddings a battle of tradition, practicality, and sheer determination. Whether you’re team Union Jack or team Stars and Stripes, one thing’s for sure: love knows no borders, and weddings are a universal celebration of that crazy little thing called love!

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