Filling executive and leadership positions for over 3 decades and maintaining a passion to make a difference in the world while pursuing entrepreneurship, I discovered and recognized what the 3 necessary components to create balance in our lives, increase energy, build relationships and generate money. So where is the weak link hidden?

I struggled like many of you to get to the essence and to the core of the problem, only to find out that the deeper I looked, the fewer answers appeared. Choosing a practical approach and observing the vivid signs I came up with the formulas and the profound tools to influence leaders and create the success and the inner liberty we all aim for.

As we look forward to a positive hopeful and productive year let’s implement the 10 essential tips influencing the 3 major components in life at work, at home and in between destinations. These 10 tips will transform your attitude and in the process, you will learn to look at stress as an opportunity and follow the path and proact with challenges.

According to statistics anxiety is rising among high corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and students.

Over 50 million Americans suffer from Anxiety and the numbers are growing worldwide.

Approaching the New Year along with all of the resolutions we set out to fulfill we must stay focused and determined to change our attitude towards life in general and the overwhelming sensations. Ultimately the goal is to reduce the number significantly.  So let’s start early. DO NOT IGNORE the signs.

As we all know and experience each and every year new gadgets are born and while technology is progressing rapidly, we as people and leaders, in general, become more isolated, more difficult to approach and choose to fall shy of human contact and energy not to mention that relationships and money are directly influenced and impacted. We rather text, email or use any other type of tools to get our point across and bridges fall apart.

So let me share with you, the 10 essential simple profound and effective tips to transport your fear into success and create balance and blend your emotions with logic.


  • For snacks choose 21-raisins or 5 dry dates or 3 dry figs (you will feel calmer, more focused and active)
  • Practice the exercise or work out you enjoy most (3 hours a week)

Or walk up to 10 MILES a week in total.  (Move your arms throughout the walk)

  • Get a 7 to 7.30-hour sleep nightly (5 days a week) (weekends at your discretion and choice)


  • Take at least one vacation a year (step away from your zip code), rejuvenate your relationship with yourself and loved ones
  • Energize your relationship with others (personal, intimate, family, business, and social) make time for the connections in your life you deeply enjoy
  • Choose your relationships (feel time with others) instead of filing time-


  • Maintain a positive cash flow (blend emotions with common sense) Refrain from buying too much of… (Emotional choices)… (More is simply more, not always better)
  • Utilize time efficiently – it will impact your finances
  • Shift and navigate your dreams and illusions into reality one step at a time

The 3 essential ingredients are intertwined and totally connected.  These tips have been exercised for over 2 decades. You will find revolutionary results in 90 days or less.

The secret key is BALANCE

Imagine A scale

On one side you have energy and on the other side money (you place weights as you process life)

Relationships keep the scale tipping from one side to another (depending on the weight applied)

The more you create an amicable balance shifting from energy to money and keeping the relationship potent, the more you build the balance and generate the success.

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For the past 20 years Linda has been running a successful property businesses including a multi-million pound property portfolio & is the Founder of Mothers in Business. She is happily married, a proud mother of 'Three Precious Diamonds’ and a 1st Dan Black Belt in the martial art of Taekwondo and is passionate about helping women in business.


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