Valentine is near! It is an opportunity to express your love with gifts. And when these gifts are made with good taste, even better for your loves. What do women want? What makes them happy? What is that precious memory that they want to carry with them forever? Of course a precious piece of jewelry. We are recommending you 5 gift ideas that for this Valentine will surprise you your partner. For your convenience, you can find 5 of these gifts at Markis Jewelry, now also online.  


Make her have you in her heart with a diamond heart. This necklace will be ideal for this Valentine. She is in your heart, so this heart can now be in her neck.


Rings are a great gift, perhaps the most special and important. If you choose to propose on Valentine’s Day, be careful to choose the right ring. Be sure that no one can resist the precious brilliance (nor the desire to say YES)


Give more finesse and color to this accessory that will make your girlfriend even more charming. The earring are accessories that can be easily combined. And if they have precious stones, the more precise this gift becomes.

Emerald Necklace

If your girlfriend loves gemstones, this ring with emerald stones is ideal. Make her love the color green again and give the feeling that she is special, as much as this stone.

Rings with multicolored stones

Who said the ring should always have a proposal behind it? Maybe your girlfriend will be disappointed when she see that you’re not proposing her, but be sure that she will fall in love with the ring, as much as with you. So give her the ring she deserves.

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