Do you allow yourself to take the time and space to really connect with YOU, so that you can give yourself, and others, the best you have to offer? Do you feel good about the way you use your precious time and energy, and about the way you act in the world? Do you inspire other people to step into their greatness? Unfortunately for most of us there is at least one NO in our answers to these questions.

Different morning, same scenario
Many people start running on autopilot the instant their alarm goes off: shower; eat breakfast; go through planning with a partner or roommates (e.g., groceries, commuting schedules or childcare plans); commute; and then begin a stressful workday. Most days of the week, when people rush towards home, their heads are full of worries about the things they didn’t do. Instead of feeling satisfied with their accomplishments. 

In most instances, when we arrive home at the end of the workday, we have already given our best. Our partners, children, family and friends get what is left. Stressed and empty, we fall asleep just to suffer from insomnia, which is relieved only by the sound of the alarm going off again; different morning, same scenario

Giving yourself more
Do you recognize this? If yes, then you are giving yourself way too little. You know that you deserve much more. Life is not meant to be spent stressed out. The good news is, is that there’s a way out.

Mindful personal leadership is all about you. How well can you master your attention? How well do you know yourself? How well do you consciously choose your words and behavior?

Mindful personal leadership is focused on cultivating very high levels of self-awareness, wisdom and self-mastery, which allows you to give the best you can give in all aspects of your life. 

This is a state of being that automatically inspires others to step into their greatness. Mindful personal leadership significantly improves attention, hard skills and emotional intelligence while optimizing your professional and personal life in extraordinary ways. As Aristotle famously said: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Modern life is generally fast-paced and everyone’s calendars seems to be overflowing. The outside world is not going to change, in fact, it will likely even speed up. We need to find better ways of finding inner calm as life whirls around us. By practicing mindful attention training, you can begin to find more balance between action and relaxation. Begin by:

– Focusing on your body and its sensations, allow yourself some time and space to really feel your body.
– Gently bring your attention to your breathing.
– Try to notice every in-breath and every out-breath.

– Your mind will wander at a certain moment; that’s just the mind’s natural tendency.

– When you notice your mind wandering, gently return focus to your breathing.

– And then, fully bring your attention back to your body and your breath.

– Repeat as many times as needed.  

This exercise trains your attention and concentration. While this exercise looks simple on paper, in practice, you will find it more difficult. It is so natural for the mind to wander off, that you may find it hard to stay focused or constantly struggle to regain your attention. This bit is what makes it a challenge when it comes to turning this practice into a habit. But to bear real fruits, here’s what you must do: practice, practice, practice!


When you have clarity, you are able to make conscious choices. You are familiar with what you do, how you do it and, most importantly, why you do it. You can ask and answer the following: What are my personal values? What are my talents and gifts, and how can I nurture them? What gives my life purpose and makes me shine? How do I want to spend my precious time and energy, and with whom? Gaining clarity around these issues is  fundamental for all of us. What are you doing to cultivate clarity today?

You can begin to improve your awareness by training yourself to truly notice all of your senses, thoughts and emotions. Start by:
– Focus in on your body.
– With ease and patience, bring your attention to your breathing.
– Notice what is happening from moment to moment
– You will notice that you will become distracted by the experiences of your senses: the sounds, smells, tastes, sights, feelings, thoughts and emotions that arise.
– When you notice you’ve become distracted, simply start this exercise over again.

– Repeat again, and again and again.

When you do this often it will become routine, and you will notice an increase in your self-awareness. You will see more clearly what is most important to you, and start to make conscious choices. You will notice your inner state, experiences and automatic reaction patterns with more insight and certainty. 

A high level of self-awareness enables you to understand yourself in a deeper way, to choose your actions and behaviors more wisely and to cultivate self-mastery. This has positive effects on your motivation, planning skills and resilience. It increases your personal leadership and also transforms the way you communicate and interact with other people.


Once you know who you are, and your purpose and meaning are clear, you will need to
focus. This is often easier said than done. Life has its ups and downs and you will face
countless challenges along your journey. What is standing in your way when it comes to being the best self you can be? What is blocking you from showing up in the world in the way you want? 

Focus is about attention, concentration, setting priorities and adjusting when necessary – it is a personal attitude of effort. Focus is an essential ingredient for mindful personal leadership, so concentrate on conquering what needs to be overcome so that you can follow your path to success. 

3 steps: balance, clarity and focus

It’s easy to remember: Balance, clarity and focus! These three, simple steps will take you far in your quest to develop mindful personal leadership. Just remember it takes: practice, practice and practice.

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Simone Heijhoff is a self-aware, spiritually connected woman. She began a journey of deep inner reflection and extensive, ongoing research into what it means to be human and how we can optimise ourselves and our (business) lives. Now she shares her knowledge and wisdom with those who seek purpose and meaning through personal development and personal leadership.


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