For the first time in the history of the modern corporation, five generations are working together and collaborating for results (sometimes conflicting more than collaborating). The impacts to leaders and their teams, including their high potential upcoming leaders, and their clients, cannot be overstated. Most are not ready for these chaotic and tumultuous times. 

What can you do? Wouldn’t it be great if you could smoothly and easily bridge the varying needs, motivational drivers, values and worldviews of the people you work with no matter their generation? Now you can.  Spiral Dynamics® Live is an event coming to London on November 5-7 and it promises to show you a roadmap that will help you get into alignment with your multigenerational workforce/clients/colleagues, uplevel leadership to span generations, take the drama out of team functioning, while enabling leaders to work more effectively in a time of multicultural diversity.

Natasha Todorovic-Cowan is CEO and co-founder of NVC Consulting and the co-creator of Spiral Dynamics®  Live. She will be in London to deliver this event. She has worked in more than 15 different countries with tools that have analyzed individual leaders, their teams, and their organizations in over 50 different countries in a dozen different languages and is a master of supporting leaders to navigate through change. She has worked with a variety of organizations from C-Suite to shop floor in the for-profit and not-for-profit spaces, government, Fortune 500 organizations and solopreneur consultants and coaches have hired her to unravel their people issues. 

Natasha says, “We live in a world where disruption is more frequent. Changes are bigger and more unpredictable. Chaos and unexpected fracturing demand greater and greater resilience from ever level and corner of organizations both large and small.” Single individuals are no longer capable of seeing “the signs” because social, economic, political and organizational systems are too complex and vast. The typical drama that exists between people, whether an organization of 2 or 200,000, exerts a drag on organizational progress and signs are missed in the defensive climate “politics as usual” creates.  

The key to a successful future is a seamless, interdependent collaboration among the generations.  Dividing people by age, or even accepting that age is even the primary variable, is a short-sighted approach to the human factors, according to Natasha. Organizations which create multigenerational co-engagement will have the advantage because they can interface with their competitive landscape using more factors. Those who devolve into turf wars and political intrigue will drive away top talent and customers. 

Leveraging and managing cross-generational mentoring for maximum impact and results enables leaders to more confidently face the future with a resilient workforce they can trust. Instead of seeing people in terms of demographics leaders and their teams are advised to recognize the shaping power of psychosocial times AND the uniqueness in something else Natasha calls “levels of psychological existence”. Doing this enables leaders and their teams to respond to who people are, their natural motivational flows, and helps them to more effectively connect and coordinate work. Seeing through to who they are and what they need rather than generational stereotypes breaks down barriers. 

The concept is simple, Natasha says, “but the implementation needs new models of working together. Through SDLive we offer transformational insights and workable solutions to support leaders and their teams.” It empowers and enables leaders and their teams to gain greater confidence, engaging the workforce more functionally, and communicating new projects, directions, and activities in ways that work. She promises that she will help attendees to, “Juggle the dynamics of both incremental change and transformational shifts.” 

Natasha says, “Whether it is a product problem, a performance problem, or a process problem, it’s a people problem.” And, she recommends you address it before it becomes a profit problem. It sounds like a pivotal event. When we asked Natasha about the impacts of Brexit, she said, “This is a perfect example of the type of disruption our approach frames in an elegant way.” 

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