What if you could approach your body with a customized health plan instead of a one-size-fits-all big pharma approach? Davinia Taylor is smashing down health barriers with her biohacking system and WillPowders supplements.

There is never a time where good health isn’t an important part of daily life. Davinia Taylor spent years struggling with overeating and alcoholism. Even though it all made her feel terrible, the bloating, breathlessness, weight gain, brain fog and aching joints weren’t enough to provoke a healthier lifestyle. Everything changed when she took an individualized approach to health. This biohacking science is the underlying theory in her book, “It’s Not a Diet: the no cravings, no willpower way to get lean and happy for good.”

The approach has also sparked her launch of WillPowders.

With a recent addition in the UK markets, WillPowders have been flying off the virtual shelves. The demand is extremely high because people want access to the products behind the biohacking method Taylor uses. Not only has the feedback been phenomenal, but the shop has been hitting the top 3% on Shopify since the launch.

Davinia is a Sunday Times Best Selling Author and biohacking expert. Her book was a #1 Sunday Times bestseller covering the art of losing weight, reducing inflammation and feeling more positive. She says she wants to follow in her father, Alan Murphy’s footsteps—he was a renowned entrepreneur and the first to use recycled pulp in products.

What are WillPowders?

Davinia Taylor is the founder of WillPowders. Much of her motivation comes from a love of science and frustration with the current system. She felt as though she had tried everything available—all the diet pills, the fad diets, the AA meetings. None of it stuck.

She realized even the healthcare professionals she was talking to weren’t living healthy lives. One doctor was telling her what to try while being overweight himself, smoking heavily and drinking regularly. She connected the dots and recognized just how much influence food and drug companies have over the medical system. “Maybe it’s a lie?” she remembers realizing one day. “Maybe genetics holds the answer.

With that knowledge, she turned to natural foods, fitness and science-based nutrition. Everyone is different, so true health can’t be the one-size-fits-all approach so common in diet culture. A big issue in most diets is the lack of complete nutrition. Even if people eat their fruits and vegetables, getting a full range of proper nutrients in the body to achieve the best balance is very hard.

Taylor started WillPowders to source natural, high-quality, bioavailable, nutrient-dense convenient foods designed to benefit the whole family. She’s started with products that are harder to include in a nutritious diet but crucial for a healthy lifestyle. As a result, WillPowders offer a lot of benefits that make them attractive to health-conscious consumers.

  • Improve mood
  • Maximize fat burning
  • Natural weight-loss support
  • Crush cravings
  • Boost energy
  • Increase brain function
  • Keto/Paleo friendly
  • Sugar-free formula to increase ketones
  • Dairy/Gluten-free options
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Ethically sourced

There are three current products created and sold by WillPowders in the UK:

  • MCT Keto Creamer: Crushes cravings and supports brain function without sugar or carbs.
  • Collagen Peptides: Flavorless, absorbable, essential nutrients good for the whole family.
  • MCT C8 Oil: Stimulates the brain and fuels the body with energy while suppressing cravings.

Why WillPowders are Different

Davinia’s goal is to make well-being and functional food mass-marketed in the UK. The difference with this company comes from the passion of the founder that permeates every part of the company. Not only are the products best for a healthy lifestyle, but they are also ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

As a divorced mother of four, she knows just how much every cent means to the average family. “Healthy solutions should be accessible,” she says. To keep the price down for wellness foods and supplements, she’s done things like:

  • Limited the number of ingredients while sourcing only high-quality products
  • Does her own PR to avoid the middleman cost of mass-marketing and advertising
  • Pro-actively thinks about prices, buying in bulk and watching the market to get the best deals
  • Buys from reputable farms to ensure product quality and keep the money local

Nothing says more than when a founder uses their own product every day. These are the ingredients she uses for herself and her family. Now, she’s making them available to the rest of the world.

Don’t waste another minute on a fad diet or pill that doesn’t empower your body. Purchase your WillPowder supplements today and see what all the hype is about!

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