Eva Fleurose is a rarity for a social media influencer – she is meticulate in her response to those who reach out to her. The Polish-born Fleurose – who divides her time between her adopted home of Paris, and her native Poland, is a former Executive Assistant to the CEO of a fashion and recruitment agency that was home to the world’s largest designer names, such as Coco Chanel and Louis Vuitton.   

Having built a following of close to 200,000 followers in under three months, the Lublin-born mother-of-two uses her accomplishments with haute couture to inspire a new generation of fashionista’s. “I’m getting lots of positive feedback, and it’s inspiring to witness so many people really take an interest in looking after themselves (their image) a little more.” 

It’s late evening in Paris, and Eva is packing for a trip back home, where she’ll spend time in both Lublin, and the country’s capital, Warsaw. At one time, the general consensus was that you had to leave Warsaw – and Poland in general, to be considered among the world’s elite with regards to fashion. In 2021 however, that myth has been dispelled as the country’s burgeoning brands are seen globally as ‘fresh and new.’ “We have lots of international clubs, and fashion is growing there – they have a Hermes store there, and there’s a large appeal to international markets.” 

Eva’s Polish roots’ are visible on her Instagram stories, and the hybridity is something she’s proud of, and believes boosts her visibility; “I document my Polish experiences, as well as those from London and Paris – and also Milan, so I appeal to various markets. I guess I’m doubling up my chances.” 

Eva credits her time spent in the U.K.’s capital as the start of her foray into the world of high fashion and glamor; “the chance to represent Versace in Harrods on London’s High Street was a dream come true. At the time, in my country we didn’t even have such luxury department stores, so even just shopping there was an amazing experience. I’ve loved fashion since that day.”

It was at ‘the world’s leading luxury department store where’ she prided herself on offering customers an opulent shopping experience, and was glad to be surrounded by like-minded people. “The fact that there was an extravagance with each item was such a confidence-booster – it really improves your mood … I loved it.”

These days, Eva devotes her time to her two young infants and longs for an environment where she can grow her entrepreneurial business, remain integrated in the fashion industry, and provide a suitable lifestyle for her kids. “Mallorca is so relaxed, the people are very family-oriented,” she says. “So I’m practicing Spanish.” It’s quite apre peau that she suggests Mallorca, as it was the Balearic Island where she started off on the journey as a social media influencer. Her sister’s insistence that she “had something special” convinced Eva to start up the Instagram page, while she was sought out by fellow users as an inspiration and guide. “I answer to as many people as possible – I try to make people feel special in a way. It’s special to me that people will take 10 seconds out of their day to comment or send me a DM so if they can do that to me, then I should be able to return the favor.” 

Now – because of her new-found success, she plans to open up a multi-brand boutique on the Spanish Island and hopes Instagram can help facilitate that; “I’d like to give each customer a personal shopping experience within the store.” 

Giving advice to budding social media influencers, she offers up the following guidance; “consistency is key (to building a strong social media presence). You really need to put the time into it.” 

The ease with which she’s taken to Instagram stems from a genuine interest providing the know-how on – not only the latest fashion trends, but also dieting, and general health and wellness. “I feel like I have my little community, and I learn from them as well. I learn to listen to what they want to see with regards to content, that will in-turn re-inspire them. It (influencing) is a passion for me, so it’s easy to grow. It’s my way of relaxing when my kids go to sleep.”

When pressed as to how she’s managed to balance between having two kids and maintaining an active social media presence, she answers with a chuckle; “lots of coffee.” 

Eva Fleurose is active on both her Instagramand YouTube accounts. 

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