”My Life purpose is to guide people into their hearts and their true essence. I have the gift and ability to see and feel people’s ‘frozen emotions’. When I guide them into relaxation, my clients can release all their accumulated emotions and stress, and connect fully with their hearts.”- Ullis Karlsson


Ullis started a new career ten years ago. Before, she had been severely depressed and burnt out, an experience which cracked her open to all unconscious pains, stress and traumas she previously hadn’t processed. Ullis developed severe sleeping disorders, which lasted for decades, and she was suicidal.



After a long sick leave, followed by a tough divorce, she ended up as a single mother with two young kids. Even so, she made the tough decision to cut herself loose from her ‘financial lifeline’. Still depressed, but with an experience of 25 years of studying holistic disciplines, she started her own business in 2009. Ullis created holistic methods evolving from her own experience and ancient wisdom, combined with modern techniques.

Today, Ullis helps others to reduce stress and pain. She guides them by showing how to increase consciousness to further open your hearts. Her teachings are based on her experiences that once saved her own life.


Ullis’ five steps on how to create a life of freedom

“I feel this is my calling. I am happy and grateful for my path that has led me here, so I now can lead others. Find your way to yourself, discover your innate gift and your true purpose and passion. When knowing that, you can serve yourself and live the way your soul truly desires.” – Ullis Karlsson


1. Become aware of old unresolved emotions, traumas and stress

All people, to some extent, have old unresolved emotions and traumas stored in the subconscious mind, as well as in their body. This is a root cause for developing stress, pain and diseases. Find these unresolved emotions in order to make space for change. The core message is to dare to relax into expansion; because everything we search for is already within us.


2. Take action and release your old emotions

The shortest way to real and sustainable transformation is to work through your unresolved emotions – and not around them as we are accustomed to. Many people develop external strategies where they search for solutions to their problems outside of themselves. If you continue to do what you always have done, you will get the same results: you need to ‘pull out the weeds by the roots before you can sow anything new’. This releasing can be painful and extremely difficult, but it is necessary. Without it, no real expansion occurs.


Using a holistic and embodied practice will help you release tensions and stored, frozen emotions from your subconscious mind. This can only be done in connection with conscious breathing, where you inhale life energy and exhale stored toxic energy.


3. Discovering your inner success and walking the path of your life’s purpose

Having gone through the process of releasing old unresolved emotions and stress, you will be able to feel a shift. Since 95 % of your daily life is governed by your subconscious mind, stored in your body, your consciousness will increase when you release unresolved frozen emotions. This in itself creates a new space for expansion and growth. You will get more clarity and easier access to your own inner essence and truth.

Now, you can plant new seeds and receive what you are truly longing for. The intuition increases when you connect your new consciousness with your heart´s desires. This opens up possibilities of new and conscious choices in life, which make it possible for a life more aligned with your inner essence and true purpose. From this space you create, you will find your path in life, and it will come to you in an easier, more enjoyable and flowing way.


4. Take actions for your continued growth and expansion

From this new awareness of yours, new possibilities and new choices create movement forward and are the foundation for real sustainable change. You have created a whole new space, which you now can continue to grow and expand from. This also means a positive spiral upwards, a life with less struggle, where you feel happier, more peaceful and loving towards yourself and others. It is entirely up to you; you are responsible, the creator of your own life. After you have released your fears, traumas and old emotions, use the new energy from what is emerging and take action.

This process of both releasing and receiving might look different for each and every one of us. For some people, it will be a gradual process, for others a longer, inner, deeply spiritual journey, an awakening. It can even be like a wake-up call, an almost instant inner shift.


5. Find a mentor for your inner leadership and your soul’s purpose

This last step can actually be the initial one for some of us, having very different needs and preconditions. Feel into what you need and what might be necessary for you in the process of change and transformation.

The foundation of mentorship is for the mentor to share wisdom and experience from the heart to help others grow and expand. Having a mentor is having somebody who believes in you when you don’t. Somebody who inspires you and who has been on a similar path before. A mentor is also somebody who is challenging you to create movement forward and to take actions that are aligned with your inner desires. Even when you meet obstacles and the fear becomes too much to face by yourself.


May your inner journey be prosperous and your rewards fulfilling!


Looking into the future, Ullis believes heart-centered and holistic mentors are the solution to all disagreements, conflicts, and the destruction of our planet. Today, many of us have forgotten our deep connection to Gaia, Mother Earth, and therefore we are also being disconnected from ourselves and others. Our perception of the collective outer realm is merely a reflection of our collective inner realms.

Mentors who are anchored in the heart, teach you in depth how freedom, compassion and love for everyone always conquer limited beliefs of fear and scarcity. These feelings belong to our old paradigm, where we still partially reside, which is fear based. Heart centered mentors are the leaders of this new era, this new paradigm where togetherness and love is the essence, rather than ego and lack.

Together with an increased consciousness, clarity and compassion, we will create a more beautiful, peaceful and loving world, for us all to live in. That is Ullis’ clear vision. Her soul’s contribution is to support this change, assisting mankind in times of transition, moving from the old to the new paradigm, creating a more conscious, connected and free world.



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