Women I mentor and coach often come to me after they’ve exhausted various avenues: FB support groups, Mastermind groups, and various other programmes that fail to take into account the individual needs of people. Most of these groups focus on the end result only! Pushing, forcing, hustling hard!

And while the end result is important, it is of crucial importance to know how to build a strong foundation, so that you reach that end result feeling strong, radiant and ready to seize the momentum.It is also important to continue rising up, rather than, as is the case with most people, arrive half way through, exhausted and depleted of energy and resources, disillusioned with the whole entrepreneurial game…

Hear me out here…It is not enough to have a great idea and enthusiasm. You need a structure, you need accountability, you need to know the HOW TOs of a winning mindset! Most people with a great idea burn out quickly, lack of sleep takes its toll, their relationships suffer, their health is compromised…They get into a vortex of ‘I must succeed at all costs’ and lose themselves and all that is sacred to them in the process. Maintaining integrity is crucial.

What I propose is a “hustle gently” approach. Hustle smart! So here is what you need to thrive both in life and business.

“It is not enough to have a great idea and enthusiasm. You need a structure, you need accountability, you need to know the HOW TOs of a winning mindset!”

The Ten Commandments of a Successful Business

  1. Vision, Why and What

– Your vision and your “Why” are very important. Why? Because if your vision is feeble and vague, your “whys” will be of the same quality. Make sure you spend some time developing your idea, creating a vision around your idea, and make sure you have very solid and strong “whys”. Why do you want to make that idea a reality? Also, write down what your current habits are and what you currently have. Are the habits supportive of your idea? Is what you currently have enough and do you know enough? Do you need to learn more? Educate yourself? Improve in areas that need improving?

  1. Strong Support Network

– It is important to have a strong network support of girlfriends, peers who are on the same or similar path as you are and who can understand what you are going through. A network that will keep you accountable. A network you can rely on for constructive feedback. Once you start growing and once your mindset starts gravitating in the right direction, you will be able to self-calibrate and give yourself an honest feedback.

  1. Invest in Yourself

– The idea and vision mean nothing if you lack the know-how. Hence, investing in yourself is vital. Why? By investing in yourself, you are directly investing in your business. The more you grow, the more your business grows…It is of huge value to invest in a mentor, a coach, to have someone who has achieved the results you are after. Someone who has walked the path and lived to tell the tale ☺. Someone who can share openly the ins and outs and someone who has proven strategies. Strategies that work and give results. It is important that your mentor is a real deal, and not just someone who is happy to take your money, while promising you the world. Beware of fog sellers ☺.

  1. Say NO

– There is a huge myth among budding entrepreneurs to say YES to everything and everyone. This usually happens when their Vision, their WHYs and their WHATs are not aligned. Not every opportunity is for you. Know what your business is about. Know your intention/ Remember why you started and what you want to achieve. Saying yes to a speaking gig or a joint venture just because someone has invited you doesn’t mean that you’ll get guaranteed business out of it. Not everyone is your target audience and not everyone wants your business, nor does your business want everyone.

  1. Have Boundaries

– Stay strong, focused and have firm boundaries. When you are an entrepreneur and your own boss, working from home, with no fixed hours, you can easily be pulled into running errands for friends and family, doing odd jobs here and there. Remember just because you don’t have fixed hours and traditional working hours, doesn’t mean you have nothing to do. Be firm.

  1. Trust Yourself

– You will, on your journey come across many ‘overnight success’ stories. Remember, everything that is long term sustainable takes time. Social media tends to present a fairy tale easy and light success stories…What happens behind closed doors is very often not communicated, as most successful entrepreneurs consider failures as lessons, as ways to test their resoluteness ☺. Be willing to give up on having regular holidays, weekends, work-free Mondays and instead embrace the beauty of being swamped on Saturday nights. It’s ok, and it’s all worth it as long as you trust that you are on the right path and that you believe in your dreams.

  1. Don’t Compare

– This is key! While you are building your empire, you will be compared to others, your so called friends will wave in front of you examples of how others are doing stuff, and how you might consider aligning with other frameworks. While it may be tempting, stay away from it. Remember that we all have different reasons and intentions for starting our businesses. Stay on your path and keep ploughing through.

  1. Shortcuts and hopes

– These are the biggest myth. There are no shortcuts in building a business, and hoping that something may come out of a networking event, mastermind group or a chance encounter will only cost you time and nerves. Hoping breeds fear: taking the longer path instead will strengthen you, as it is the path that very few choose, and that is why very few succeed.

  1. Integrity

– Make sure that you always show up fully. Stay tall and with integrity. Don’t sell yourself cheap. Your integrity is the integrity and reputation of your business. Check in with yourself weekly. Ask yourself – Who am I becoming? Let this be your mantra. What is more important than success is HOW you are succeeding and WHO you are becoming in the process.

  1. Embrace Uncertainty

– Having capacity for uncertainty is a “condition sine qua non”! It is a key factor that distinguishes those who succeed and those who don’t. You will never know how the path to growth and success will unfold. You need to trust. And let go of the need to know every single detail. Let go of the need to control everything. Some things cannot be controlled. When you notice the wave of uncertainty, go back to your vision, to your reasons why. And if you want certainty, swim in the shallow inflatable swimming pool, don’t dream of swimming in the big ocean and not willing to accept the big waves and rough waters. Remember, calm seas don’t make a good sailor.

I expect these hacks to help you elevate your business!

Here is to your success and to entrepreneurship with a Soul!

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