Rebecca Perez Launches Inspiring Three-Book Series to Empower Women


Columbus Circle, New York, February 25, 2023-Hexa PR WireRebecca Perez, an entrepreneur and author, announced today the upcoming release of her highly anticipated third book, 101 Ways to BeGossy, Cash is Queen™, and BE — An Autobiography. This inspiring three-book series offers women practical and insightful tools to succeed in both business and life.

Book One: 101 Ways to BeGossy

In her first book, 101 Ways to BeGossy, Perez shares her knowledge and expertise with 101 practical tips for women in business. Accompanied by simple yet timeless illustrations, this pragmatic business bible is a must-have for women starting their own business or looking to enhance their skills.

101 Ways To Be BeGossy, By Rebecca Perez
101 Ways To Be BeGossy, By Rebecca Perez

Book Two: Cash is Queen™

Perez’s second book, Cash is Queen™, is tailored for money mavens. It provides pragmatic tools and insights to shift your mindset regarding money. With a unique perspective on earning wealth, Perez equates money to energy and encourages readers to align their frequency with “cash.”

Book Three: BE — An Autobiography

In her heartfelt memoir, BE — An Autobiography, Perez takes readers through the challenges she faced growing up in an abusive household. She shares her personal journey, embraces life lessons, and weaves her success through breakdowns, particularly the ones that helped her build her successful business.

Each book is personally signed by Perez and includes unparalleled snippets from her childhood.

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About Rebecca Perez

Rebecca Perez is an entrepreneur, author, and business coach. She has helped countless women start and grow their businesses and achieve their goals. Her inspiring story and unique insights have made her a sought-after speaker and coach.


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