My being born and growing up while traveling around the world was a privilege for a few at a time when freedom of movement was limited. That made me who I am today.

Today I can not imagine my life without the possibility of traveling around the world, without being able to know foreign countries, new people, their cultures, scents and sensations that only traveling may give.

Traveling makes us free and enriches us every time we return from a journey, so I understand how much this has contributed to the growth of my personality.

I was 19 years old when the Berlin Wall fell and the borders of the Eastern European countries opened up, and I, born a traveler, immediately embarked on my adventure. I had studied languages and tourism, so the thing that seemed right to do for my life was to go and get some experience abroad and test myself. After living for a period in Germany and then in Mexico, two countries with completely different cultures and mentalities (from where I learned so much), I arrived in Italy – a beautiful country, rich in history and natural landscapes; the cradle of the Renaissance and above all, the homeland of an excellent cuisine and hospitality.

Italy has enchanted me and that is why I live there still and, continue to live my dream working in a travel agency – how could it be otherwise! Italy is a tourist country par excellence and in a dreamer with the DNA of the traveler like me, this land has given me the desire to share my passion for discovering the world with the other people.

That is why I have opened my travel agency: T.B.O. Travel – The Best Of …, born from an idea, the dream of giving emotions to people, the emotion of discovery, the emotion of knowledge and wonder that the world can offer…

Today in the third millennium when so many people think that a travel agency is an outdated reality, that by going online with two clicks everyone can buy a flight and book a hotel comfortably from their sofa, now I like my job even more! It’s become more of a challenge…

Going to a travel agency to book a trip is a bit like going to school… after all, why go to school if you can find all the information you need on the web? That is why we go for the same reason to a travel agency; on the web, we can find a bit of everything, but if we do not know what to look for, if we do not talk to people who show us the right direction, we will never find what we really need!

There was a time when it seemed that the web took the upper hand, and traditional travel agencies could have shortly disappeared, but fortunately, they did not. After the first wave of enthusiasm and “I do it myself to save“, people understood that booking in a travel agency is smart. You save time from doing endless research, you receive valuable advice, you have access to selected facilities and help from highly qualified staff ready to solve any problems in case of difficulty, and finally, yet importantly, you are protected by the insurance and guarantee fund, that only a travel agency has!     Therefore, to save both time and money means to make use of professionals – to be a smart traveler. It means to deal with a travel agent who knows something more, and has the skills necessary to avoid the numerous traps in which it is easy to fall into when booking on “web jungle”.  A travel agent today has become a travel agent 3.1.: you do not go to the agency to book a flight or a hotel but to look for an emotional experience.

Only a good travel agent knows where to find this exact winery where make you can taste the best wines in the area; where is the most beautiful cathedral to admire is, the most exciting mountain peak to climb and finally which is the hotel with the best wellness center or the most appreciated cuisine.

We provide all our professional and human skills to understand what type of traveler you are, what you are looking for in your destination, ensuring you have all the necessary information to travel safe and informed.

Every day is a challenge and it is exciting to find yourself facing a new one every day.

People are always more connected; the distances are getting shorter and so the world is getting smaller. Traveling for many of us has become normality and so many of us have realized that a holiday today has become a 360° experience. However, only a good travel agent knows where to find this exact winery where make you can taste the best wines in the area; where is the most beautiful cathedral to admire is, the most exciting mountain peak to climb and finally which is the hotel with the best wellness center or the most appreciated cuisine.

However, having realized my dream and having founded my travel agency does not mean that my journey is over. Life offers us endless possibilities. When I met the Regional Director of the Global Woman Club Milano – Tiziana Palazzo, and she told me about the organization and the mission of the GWC, I immediately understood that I had a lot in common with the club’s philosophy. Therefore, after having participated in some group meetings and having had the pleasure to meet the founder Mirela Sula, I realized that this was my place. The place with the aim of gathering women from all over the world, creating a sisterhood, shortening the distances between countries and people, helping them grow. This is exactly what I have always been trying to do, doing my job.

I do believe in GWC project and I believe that together we can help its members to travel around the world and meet other “sisters”, to know other countries where the GWC has its numerous offices.

Traveling brings us closer and helps us to know better others and ourselves.

Global Woman Club is a great opportunity for the women of the third millennium and I am ready to put my know-how at the disposal of the group to let all women travel around the world; let them grow, let them meet so they can know each other, break down the barriers, eliminate diversity and create a single culture and school of thought. I believe in the future of “traveling women” and in a world without frontiers where the only country of origin for all will be “the planet earth”.

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