The current situation with the coronavirus pandemic calls for a more responsive mindset, capable of surpassing the fears associated with it. We ought to be responsible for ourselves and our community, although difficult. Here I present four ways that enable us to do just that.

1. You need to know what you want.

By knowing what we want, we find it easier to unlock the secret of how to get there. It is necessary that we attend our thoughts. When seeking a lifestyle of enjoyment; be it on the beach or in nature, you might nonetheless be accompanied by scarcity and fears along the way. That is not right. It is important to evaluate if every single thought you have matches with the future you wish to establish for yourself.

2. If you are not happy with the thinking that is entertained in the house of your mind, you may need to start exploring what you saved in your subconscious mind.

The subconscious is, in many ways, the source of our problems mainly originating from our childhood. That ought to change. You are today a result of what you have been thinking yesterday. Deciding on who you are going to be in the future is the most important step.

3. What if we fail trying to put the priorities right?

One solution? Self-talk. That voice might eventually become one of self-sabotage. Starting to talk with yourself in a different way is helpful in removing these “viruses” putting us down all the time. Take a walk in the park, and pay attention to your inner talk. It is important that this is done repetitively, every single day. This enables us to live a fulfilled life. Eventually, the inner voices inside you will start changing – and everything that you see outside becomes a reflection of what is inside.

4. Empowering and strengthening your mind is the most important power hour.

It surely is of essence to allow time for closed eyes to meditate, granting us that peace of mind and necessary space to reflect and connect with your higher self. Set for yourself space to exercise; you could probably find your feet playing tennis. Of further importance is reading, which nourishes your body and mind appropriately. Choose carefully the books that you read, and choose the content that you download onto your “server”. This power hour is going to determine the strength of your mind, and will deter any stress you might be undertaking on a daily basis.

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