By Cynthia Vera

The national lockdown restrictions saw shops closing down which left an impact on our already disoriented spirits as the excitement of trying on clothes in your favourite store was suddenly ripped out of our hands. However, the internet provided a sense of relief and security for all fashion lovers as online shopping soared to 35.2% in January of this year – a significant jump from the 29.6% in December 2020; according to figures from the Office for National Statistics. Lockdown might have put a halt on our normal way of life, but it most certainly hasn’t stopped people from finding their latest staple wardrobe items.

The surge in online shopping has opened new doors full of entertaining opportunities as seen with fast fashion brand ISAWITFIRST’s move to popular video sharing platform TikTok which introduced us to a new of social shopping. As part of an ongoing e-commerce pilot, ISAWITFIRST runs a TikTok livestream takeover every Tuesday at 7pm, showcasing selected must-have items, offering exclusive discounts and giveaways.

Hosted by ISAWITFIRST’s very own social media coordinator and presenter Saskia Marriot, the shoppable TikTok livestream gives the brand an exciting and enjoyable way to drive sales high. Without even leaving the app, audiences can use the shoppable feature to buy the featured products directly from the livestream, making shopping easier than ever!

Saskia, you’re a social media coordinator and presenter, so I imagine this new venture as the host of ISAWITFIRST’s shoppable TikTok show came easily to you. Can you tell us when you found out about this opportunity and how do you feel being the face of a new innovative way of shopping?

This opportunity came around so fast, it was impossible to resist! I have been presenting and interviewing since I was 17 so when I found out I could do it more and more within my day-to-day job, I was over the moon. This is a huge new way of shopping and has been proven to be super successful in other countries, so it’s been a really exciting few weeks!

With ISAWITFIRST being one of first fashion brands to utilise the shoppable feature on TikTok, is there a creative process that goes into making the live content on a platform used to make short-form videos?

There is a big process behind the live shows – from a lot of work with our ecommerce and buying team to make sure we are bringing new, current, relevant products, with good stock and good sizes. So, we have something for everyone – to myself and my co-presenter making sure the recording space is prepped and ready.

How do you decide which pieces to showcase? What is it based on?

Answered above really – it changes weekly, and we listen to what the audience comment on during the lives to see what they want to see more of.

What are some of your favourite trends right now and are there any staple pieces from ISAWITFIRST you urge people to have for their summer wardrobe?

Bright colours, colour blocking, and bold patterns are my favourites. I have a super preppy style so I love the latest trends! ISAWITFIRST have so many 80s vibes on site right now and I am here for it.

As people are becoming more conscious of fast fashion and its negative impacts on the environment, what steps are you personally taking to be more sustainable as a consumer and a representative of a fast fashion brand?

I make sure that the items I buy can be styled in more than one way, so when I buy a staple piece, I envision what I will style it with e.g. a bold blazer might be stand out. But I pair it with dresses, trousers, shorts, jeans so it’s multi-use and get my wear out of it.

Where do you see your career progressing with this project? What plans do you have for the future as a presenter?

I’ve been presenting since I was 17, but these live shows have given me so much practice and grown my skills massively in such a short time – I can only hope it will lead me to more presenting and interviewing further down the line! I will be doing more and more for ISAWITFIRST during Love Island so that’s super exciting!

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