What does it take to get away from a toxic situation and change your life’s trajectory? When Agata Galuszka found herself stuck in a marriage and business partnership with an abusive man, she had to reassess her life. She remained in this arrangement for a long time, feeling stuck and unable to see a way out. She found that getting away from the marriage wasn’t enough to heal the hurt.

“There was a time when I had no idea how to escape the sense of inertia that kept me from changing the course of my life,” Agata Galuszka explains. “I spent several years in a marriage that tore me down in every possible way. When I finally set myself free, I tried in vain to pull myself out from the feeling of desperation that held me hostage.”

Finding the Right Help for Success

She says her family did what they could to help, and she read all the self-help books she could find. She was desperate for advice but felt like no one understood her story. Nothing related to the deep pain and lack of self-confidence she was feeling.

She needed a personal coach that truly matched her needs and understood her story.

When Agata Galuszka finally found the right coach, it was like a veil lifted. Suddenly, she could see a way out, and she knew what she had to do to improve. “It took a lot of failed attempts before I found the right solution, but I never regretted investing in myself,” Agata says. “Working with my own coach gave me an extremely personalized plan. It was like she could see the negative thoughts and chronic self-sabotage before they fully manifested. She gave me the basic tools I needed to end the cycle of abuse and discover my passions again.”

Finding a New Purpose in Life

With this new outlook on life, Agata went on to get her Master’s. She landed a job in one of London’s largest companies and had become Director of HR by age 35. She was the youngest female board member and extremely good at helping employees find connections within the company. Agata encouraged mindset shifts that helped employees step their efforts up a notch and discover a love for their jobs.

During this part of her career, she found her confidence. She realized her self-worth and professional capabilities, finally able to soar without being knocked back down. But, her work wasn’t as meaningful as she wanted it to be. Slowly, she realized she could use her talents and experience to help other women out of the same mire she came from.

When her son was born, Agata realized she wanted more freedom over her time and career. So she decided to jump into the private sector as a female empowerment advocate to help women out of their protective shells.

Crafting the Ultimate Confidence Program for Women

Rather than become a coach who only works with the individual, she wrote a course for women empowerment. She wanted to catalog her mentorship advice so that more women could learn the path to confidence. By targeting modules towards specific struggles, she has made the course appealing to those who would need more than a generic self-help book.

She also offers one-on-one coaching for those who would like to just skip to the end and work on their biggest struggles. She has written a highly rated book on female leadership for those who want a more condensed book that applies to their professional experiences.

“In my darkest hours, I didn’t know how to be financially independent or sell my strengths in a job interview,” Agata notes. “I’ve come so far, and I want to share that with as many women as I can. I’ve been able to work with women from all walks of life and from all over the globe. Access to confidence-building material should be for everyone, not just something a privileged few can afford.”

She crafted each module to take women from confusion to clarity. Digital academy courses include 30 self-improvement lessons covering topics like:

  • Obstacles and Troubleshooting
  • Projecting Confidence Through Your Signature Style
  • The Beliefs That Are Holding You Back
  • Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Write Your Perfect CV & Nail the Interview
  • Finding Your Passion
  • 11 Steps to a Perfectly Written Business Plan
  • Managing People – Setting Others for Success

Ultimately, Agata Galuszka’s Confidence and Financial Independence Academy is an in-depth tool that helps women pursue happiness and achieve professional fulfillment.

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