Building a successful online business takes time, dedication, and consistency. One of the biggest challenges I see women facing in the online space is getting above the noise. With so many groups to engage with, themed days to follow, coaches to work with, and available courses, it can be really overwhelming and cause burnout for so many. When we are struggling to get leads for business, spending hours online, and not getting the results we are seeking for ourselves, it doesn’t allow us to come from a place of flow or consistency, and everything feels like a challenge. The result of this is self-sabotaging thoughts which lead to a lack of action and therefore lack of results and belief.

We are now living in a time where social media provides indubitable benefits to any business: increased brand awareness, leads, higher conversion rates, better customer satisfaction, improved brand loyalty, brand authority, and an ability to reach clients from anywhere around the world. The benefits are priceless, and when it comes to generating leads and getting yourself visible and credible in your field, you really do have ready-made platforms to support you in that mission.

Within my field of expertise in Lead Generation, the truth is, many female entrepreneurs do not appreciate the simplicity of how they can build an online business and create results for themselves. Instead, it feels confusing and too much like hard work. There is so much competition out there. Showing up consistently in the online space is imperative to allow your ideal clients to get fixated on you, your services and to build that “know, like, and trust” factor. Today, I want to share something so simple that even if you just applied this onto your profile every day you could build a 6-figure business and beyond.

Our primary objective with social media is to serve our clients and create a presence and authority in your field or niche.


If I could show you a simple system that takes very little time, guarantees consistent results and removes any overwhelm associated with utilising social media, would you be interested?

Are you saying… yes?

There you have tip number 1! Asking YES questions on your profile. I will talk about these in a bit more detail shortly because for these to transpire into results it is important we set the foundations for success first.

It’s not enough to wait for people to come to you – you need to be actively seeking them.

There are billions of users online, and your ideal client is a big chunk of that. It’s not enough to wait for people to come to you – you need to be actively seeking them. So, how can you find them? Look for your competitor. Somewhere someone who supports the same ideal client as you and specialises in your niche is already highly profiting from your ideal clients. They have spent the time and money marketing, testing ads, building an email list, establishing successful group communities, and have created a ‘know like and trust’ following from their communities and online presence. Look at what they are doing, and in there you will find your network of ideal clients. Follow those who have ‘walked the walk’ before you, and with your own authentic voice, take inspiration and utilise the foundations they have already spent time developing to fill your personal network with ideal clients.

There is no good in having a network full of non-ideal clients, so connect with the right people in the right authentic way and look to those who are already achieving a profitable business in your niche from your ideal clients.

Once we start building a network of ideal clients, it’s now about getting them to say YES to you, which is where the posts come into play. The main objection for your profile needs to be demanding the attention of your ideal clients and setting you above the noise of fellow competitors. Your personal profile is completely free and is the best place for your clients to get to know you, your brand, your values, and how you can help them. So many entrepreneurs underestimate the power in their profile and seek to learn about paying for ads in the early days of business. Don’t get me wrong, there absolutely is space online for ads; they work and produce great results. But why not utilise your free profile to build your business first and elevate yourself above your competition?

The main point to consider here is to position your post with a simple result your ideal client wants, and keeping it that simple – a confused mind will never buy.

Utilising YES posts enables us to have our clients running to us saying yes to our services without the need for going through the paid advertising cycle: creating an ad, testing an ad, producing a funnel and then marketing to that funnel – we are keeping it simple. One post to a growing network of your ideal clients that makes them put their hands up and say YES! I generated 64 leads on my first YES post- it works! The main point to consider here is to position your post with a simple result your ideal client wants, and keeping it that simple – a confused mind will never buy.

The next thing to consider is how you can demand attention from your clients. The best way to do this, I have found, is by sharing real results from the people who are or have been working with me. Take screenshots, show the ‘real deal’, but make sure to remove your client’s personal details and get their permission to share. If you haven’t got any results so far, perhaps ask current clients what the best thing they have achieved so far since working with you or potential results they hope to achieve by working with you. Proof converts amazingly well, and with one results’ post, you can literally fill your diary with leads for potential clients.

Another aspect of Attraction Marketing also means sharing your values, integrity, and ethics within your lifestyle and what you do, so share what’s important to you and let your audience get to know you.

In a nutshell, keep it simple. Create a network of ideal clients, post power posts (results), authority  posts (sharing your achievements), YES posts (getting clients to comment because they want something you can offer them), and lifestyle posts (to build that know, like and trust factor). If this is all you did consistently every week, you will be setting yourself up for fantastic success.


On a final note…..

As a busy entrepreneur with multiple tasks to complete daily, I can completely appreciate how easy it can be to fall into the trap of overwhelm. When planning your social media activity, and any action for that matter, the use of blocking is an amazing tool to utilise. Blocking ultimately means to prepare 2-4 hour blocks in your day for certain activities, so when attacking your to-do list, you have a specific time for specific actions. Prioritise your most important tasks when you are most productive and your less important tasks when you are least productive. Plan time for you too – this is vital! I have found that creating nitty gritty ‘to-do’ lists every day causes overwhelm whereas providing a visual group of tasks into a time block feels much more achievable. Be strict on your time, don’t go over, and all of those tasks you keep putting off will suddenly start progressing forward as you chunk time blocks in your schedule to do them. Progress equals happiness, so by allowing yourself the space to fit everything in, you become more productive and become more elevated in all that you do!

Prioritise your most important tasks when you are most productive and your less important tasks when you are least productive. Plan time for you too – this is vital!

For more tips and tricks on utilising social media to achieve the ultimate success feel free to follow me on Facebook ( or visit me at and reach out anytime – I am always happy to help!

I wish you every success in 2019 and beyond lovely!



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Lucy Crane is a Bespoke Networking & Lead Generating Strategist who supports female entrepreneurs in scaling their business through increased sales, without the need for them to be ‘on’ 24/7. On a mission to help eliminate the pressure and burnout associated with building a business online she networks on her clients’ behalf with a proven system that guarantees an increase in their online presence, visibility, and credibility, leading to more qualified leads.


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