“The Art of Goal Getting” is a revolutionary approach that will change the way you have been taught about traditional goal setting forever.

Multiple Research have shown that anyone can set goals and new years resolutions, but very few are able to achieve and maintain their goals long term.

 What You Focus on Expands

“Goal Setting in itself can be a very effective tool to use to give a kick start and clarity in what you want to create”

Whatever you give your attention, focus and energy to is what you create in life.

Therefore it is important that we give our energy to the things we truly desire to create rather than things that we don’t want.

Goal Setting in itself can be a very effective tool to use to give a kick start and clarity in what you want to create. However it doesn’t challenge the underlying issues that can arise when you want to achieve sustainable success.

Have you ever felt like taking one step forward but additionally two steps back?

In order to achieve sustainable success the focus should not only be the end goal but also finding joy in the journey itself. Release old habits and patters and create new ones that support the desired goals.

With the ‘Goal Getting’ method you get a simple, actionable system to give you the clarity, confidence and courage in creating your best life now and increasing your health, happiness and wealth year after year!

Goal Getting is also an Art because you will feel like the Artist of your life. You will take responsibility and pride in creating your best business and life from a fresh new perspective and you are the one who is holding the paint brush in your hands and directing everything.

If you were to Picture your Ideal Business and Life, how would it look like, who would you have around, how much money would you earn? What experiences will you have? What contributions will you make? How would it feel to be in your best shape? How would it feel being in a loving and nurturing relationship? How will you feel living your best life with peace, love, passion and true contentment?

In a world that seeks instant gratification it is so easy to be lurked into short term fixes. Such is“I will start on Monday”, or saying things like “when I have the money, resources, people and opportunities then I will be happy”.

However the art of Goal Getting demands shifting this focus from short term to long term and finding joy in the now as well as the future you are creating by learning the exact methods and tools to support you all through out.

1. How to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be?
1st C is Clarity: Marie Forleo says it best. “Clarity doesn’t only come by thinking but Clarity comes by movement.” The Goal Getter seeks clarity daily and makes it as a priority to include this as a habit.
2nd C is Commitment: Once the goal is defined and clear the Goal Getter gets themselves accountable either by a coach or finding ways in holding him or herself accountable through documenting the process and journey and creating a reward system.
3rd C is Consistency: This is the make or break in achieving goals. The Goal Getter finds joy in the progress. Once you apply the Goal Getting Method you will learn to have a different mindset and understand that you have a choice not to listen to your feelings or let outside circumstances hold you back from the necessary work consistently.
4th C is Certainty: The Goal Getter has their eye fixed on the what they want to create.      This Certainty is the fuel to create anything one desires.

2. What gets measured, gets managed

“You can breakthrough any addictions and limiting believes that have been holding you back from achieving what you truly desire by adopting new ways of thinking, feeling and acting.”

Are your habits supporting or sabotaging your success? All change starts with awareness. You can breakthrough any addictions and limiting believes that have been holding you back from achieving what you truly desire by adopting new ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

Ask yourself what are the believes, the habits, the people or the environment that you need to realize from your life so you can create a space to allow new people, opportunities, believes and habits to help you achieve all your hearts’ desires.

The truth is that the majority of us run on autopilot. We wake up everyday at the same time, we brush our teeth the same way, we eat the same foods etc. In order for real change to happen in all areas we must first be aware of what needs to be changed. The best way to do this is to measure and document all areas in your life. For example if you have a specific health and fitness goal and you would like to lose weight and get fitter it is important to know where you are now and what brought you to where you are. A suggestion is to document every activity over a 7 days period of time. Every food and drink that you have consumed, and be very honest in order to have a clear analysis. From there you can consult a professional or do your own research of how you can consume healthier alternatives and increase your activity to the desired goal. If you want to create real change in your Business and life you must first start by taking an audit and remember that what doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed.

3. Trust The Process

Did you know that it is easy to be excited and motivated about new goals? The question is what happens if you find yourself stuck, what happens when you are feeling overwhelmed in your business and life? If you have ever felt like this before, then you are not alone. It is important to understand that this is part of the process, and to acknowledge those feelings.We all have what I like to call a Bounce Back Ability. What you will learn by practicing the Goal Getter method is to bounce back quicker than ever before. So next time you are tempted to go back to old patterns and habits or you don’t feel motivated, make sure to acknowledge that but not lingering in those feelings,but rather replace it with quick fixes. What you can do instead is create a list of things you can do to help you bounce back. For example, exercise, breathe, take a walk in nature, change your state by dancing or singing, call a friend or a coach, or seek out help.

4. If you Can see it and Feel it you can become It

Did you know that what you can see in others is what you can have and become yourself. The Goal Getter makes it a habit to give genuine compliments to others. To dream bigger and create an ongoing Goals’ List that stretches you. It is important to not only visualize your success but also to step into it and getting clearer and more specific daily. To think, feel and act in alignment with your goals daily.

The Goal Getter makes Goal setting and reviewing a daily habit. Where most people jut write their goals once or twice a year and never review it again, the goal getter is consumed by it daily therefore it is in their focus.

By applying this principle you will be now able to see it, feel it and achieve anything you desire.

It is your time to stop watching other people achieving your dreams and start creating your own success story, because you can!

You are 1 Decision away from a different Business & Life

“When you become more aware of all your decisions you will be able to make better ones.”

Did you know that you are only 1 Decision away from a different business and life? You are one decision away to live in a different country or city. You are one decision away from living a fit, healthy and full of vitality way of life. You are one decision away from creating the best intimate relationship that grows in love and passion year after year. You are one decision away from making the desired income you want. You are once decision away from living out your best life.

When you become more aware of all your decisions you will be able to make better ones. In the Goal Getters Journey you are encouraged to make a decision. This means cutting out all other options. To chose love rather than fear. To chose peace rather than worry and doubt. To chose fulfillment rather than doubt, and to chose faith and trust that all is working for you and not against you.

This exercise is so simple.However, it is one of the most complex to do and therefore requires practice. The decision is to create a perspective shift.

To align your thoughts, feelings and words with what you desire to create rather than what you don’t want to.

Ask yourself this; are the decisions that you are making today bringing you closer or further away from your goals?If the answer is “no” than you have the greatest opportunity to make another choice. It is your time to become everything you desire to be and by applying the Goal Getters Principles you will gain the Clarity, Confidence and Courage in creating your ideal life now.

What is the Goal Getter Method?

The Goal Getter method is a 8 A’s step by step guide to help you create, achieve and maintain your goals.

Here are the 8 A’s

  1. AWARENESS: What you focus on expands. What have you been creating in the past that didn’t serve you and what do you desire to create now?
  2. AKNOWLEDGE: Be a Leader, take full responsibility of all the decisions you made in the past that brought you to where you are now
  3. AUDIT: Where are you now, and where do you want to go? What gets measured, gets managed.
  4. ALIGNMENT: To align your thoughts, feelings and words with what you desire to create rather what you don’t want to create.
  5. ACTION – Clarity comes through movement. Take daily necessary steps that are aligned with the ideal business and life you desire to create.
  6. ADABPTABILITY – Commit yourself to a 90 Days Action Plan, map it out and get consistency and accountability
  7. ACHIEVE – create a Reward system all throughout the journey and make sure to celebrate your success
  8. AGAIN – Once the goal is achieved it is time to do it All over AGAIN and create a bigger goal. As Tony Robbins says,“If we don’t grow we die”. Make Growth one of your highest values.

You are at the right time and in the right place provided with everything you need. Just Decide.

 Find out more at: www.artofgoalgetting.comwww.karminspeaks.com

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