Lady Noora’s ISPY Aestheticare International will launch their new product which aims to provide an emergency glow through its innovative serum.

This serum specifically came out of the target to meet the demand generated from dull, faded skin. It provides a concentrated dosage of vital ingredients including Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. This serum has proven ideal for aesthetic practitioners who treat clients with micro needling treatments.

Emergency Glow Serum can also find its place in clients’ homes where they may use it to tangibly enhance their everyday moisturiser.

The serum will launch in September 2023, with a special unveiling for friends and family in the capital city of the UK, London, and Lady Noora’s town of origin.

The company’s goal for the next 1-5 years is to market the product internationally and to have it stocked in pharmacies as a medical treatment for symptoms of ageing skin.

The name, Emergency Glow Serum, was given to this serum because that exactly describes what it is and what it does.

—Lady Noora Jahan

You are launching an exciting new product. What is it called and why did you choose this name?

ISPY Aestheticare International launched a New “Emergency Glow Serum.”

Formulated specifically for dull skin glow, this requires as its targets dark spots that worsen with the natural ageing process. The serum is highly concentrated in vital ingredients like Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. It proves ideal for all aesthetic practitioners who treat their clients with micro needling treatments.

Additionally, clients can buy the emergency glow serum to take home. They can mix it with their everyday morning/night moisturiser to enhance its original effects which will add an additional boost of emergency glow to the skin.

The name, Emergency Glow Serum was given to this serum because that exactly describes what it is and what it does. The Emergency Glow serum will leave your skin glowing within 24 hours. You do see results overnight, and thus “emergency” comes before the Glow Serum.

Lady Noora Jahan

How do you plan to unveil your new product and where will you carry out the unveiling?

I am really excited to launch the product in September 2023.

I plan to unveil it with my closest friends and family in the United Kingdom. In my journey of divorce, I have met so many new people. Some have become like family, and they inspired and supported me. It remains my pleasure to successfully launch and share it with them.

What problem is your new product going to solve and how did you invent that solution? How can others apply this entrepreneurial mindset?

The Emergency Glow Serum is specifically invented for skin that is faded, aged, and suffering from sun damage.

This exceptionally glowing treatment serum is the first addition to the brand’s Anti-Ageing skincare collection. The supporting cast of ingredients includes additional hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, alongside arbutin, a glycoside, a glycosylated hydroquinone extracted from the bearberry plant in the genus Arctostaphylos among many other medical plants, primarily in the Ericaceae family.

Applied topically, it inhibits tyrosinase and thus prevents the formation of melanin.

Melanin is a substance in your body that produces hair, eye, and skin pigmentation. The more melanin you produce, the darker your eyes, hair, & skin will be. The amount of melanin in your body depends on a few different factors, including genetics and how much sun exposure your ancestral population had.

Very pale skin types produce almost no melanin, while Asian skin types produce a yellowish melanin called phaeomelanin, and black skin types produce the darkest, thickest melanin of all, known as eumelanin.

It’s not just the size of these pockets’ insulin cells that differ, but also the density of melanin packed within them.

How does your new product represent what your company does well and what are the goals for the next 1-5 years?

At ISPY AESTHETICARE, I contribute as one of the leading nutritionists, personal trainers on board as well as an aesthetician. The Emergency Glow Serum represents very well what the company does—treating the skin for anti-ageing and enhancement treatments as well as giving nutritional advice and personal training sessions.

The Emergency Glow Serum is fortified with Vitamin E. The serum is topical, and it helps soften dry, irritated skin. Studies have shown that Vitamin E may prove useful in managing the symptoms of dry skin. It has powerful emollient properties when applied topically and can penetrate the skin to impart lasting moisture. Vitamin E prevents premature ageing damage to DNA.

There are numerous scientific studies to how that alpha-tocopherol or Vitamin E helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also prevents age-spots. The Emergency Glow Serum is advised to be used no more than twice a month unless it is poured and mixed into your daily serum.

The Emergency Glow serum contains the main ingredient Vitamin E. Should you put Vitamin E on your face? My answer: “Yes!”

The Emergency glow serum benefits your face highly, while moisturising and nourishing your skin. It adds to your glow and makes your skin smooth & healthy. The Emergency Glow Serum also reduces hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, alongside maintaining skin health.

Vitamin E not only protects the skin from wrinkles and fine lines, but can also boost collagen production, speeding up cell regeneration and creating new skin growth. Studies have shown that ingesting Vitamin E orally as a supplement dramatically increases protection against the breakdown of collagen.

However, there are some disadvantages and side effects which must be reported to your care team as soon as possible, such as allergic reactions, skin rashes, itching, hives, swelling of the face, of the lips, of the tongue, or of the throat. Burning itching, crusting, or peeling off of the treated skin also constitute symptomatic responses.

The goals for the next 1-5 years are to firstly launch the product and market the Emergency Glow Serum internationally. We plan to stock it as available for micro needling treatment in Aesthetic clinics worldwide.

Furthermore, it is our aim to have it stocked in pharmacies and licensed as a medical treatment product to treat symptoms on the ageing skin of women in the menopausal stages.

Which risk would you single out as the greatest you will face launching your dermatological product? How will you manage that risk?

The risk that I would single out is the obvious one that I am not a dermatologist, in fact, and practice as an Aesthetician with no medical background. I am now a medical student, super lucky to already work on eliminating that risk.

I have always had a passion for skincare, however.

Training at the young age of 16 as a skin care specialist, I never extended this career path into dermatology.

I now have a phenomenal portfolio with an Aesthetically trained background, in Paris and in London, by leading aesthetic Doctors. I have undergone professional training to provide treatments to the outermost layers of skin. I offer guidance with care for and improvement of the appearance of your skin.

I achieve this correctly and unlike dermatologists, I don’t have the medical training, but that typically solely means I cannot diagnose such things as skin conditions. The Emergency Glow Serum has an extensive amount of research invested into its masking which is super exciting.

This excites us because it actually works, unlike many other products that claim they will make your skin glow and cost a fortune!

What will be your plan to connect with your clients and customers? If you had one message for them before they try your new product, what would it be?

I love my clients. I feel great knowing they feel great.

I find much pleasure serving my clients and knowing that even they have really stressful lives. That it’s still possible to look and feel great brings much hope.

How you present yourself on the outside actually matters, and in fact everyone thinks “what’s on the inside” is the only thing which counts. I don’t believe in this. I always advise: eat well, exercise, and furthermore embrace your natural beauty and look after your skin. This truth speaks well especially because you live in your body for your entire life.

Lastly, love yourself and learn not to look for love from someone else because no one can love you better than you can love yourself.

How do you stay positive and manage stress whilst achieving your goals? Do you have a strategy or routine you can share?

How do I stay positive?

I allow myself space to grieve; I don’t ever feel you need to stop all of your emotions to achieve positivity; I take up a hobby; I love the gym, no matter the weather, no matter my schedule.

My gym comes first, or last after all… Sleep over gym!

You have to be prepared to make changes to remain positive. If you remain in your comfort zone, nothing challenges you and you won’t change. Take your time and go at your own pace. Make time for work — sometimes my work starts at 8pm because I busy myself with working on my mental health and my social life…

Don’t forget to live, you only have one life.

Less stressful ways to set and reach my goals can be explained by the fact that goals matter but set realistic goals, have a plan to reach those goals, and follow through on what you require to reach or maintain those goals.

This will make you feel greater happiness and fulfilment whilst reducing your stress levels.

When goals are the source of your stress, excessive pressure arises. You feel bad when you do not achieve the goals that you have set. My top tip? Do not set goals that are unrealistically high or if you don’t have a workable plan in place.

I remember at the early stages, during my divorce, my goals were simple. Get up; brush your teeth; have a shower. I will never forget the foundation of my success & survival story as an entrepreneur.

Where around the world will your most loyal customers be and is there a niche market you want to promote your product in?

My most local clients are based in London, my country of origin. I am predominantly based in central London. However, The ISPY AESTHETICARE Emergency Glow Micro needling facial should be available internationally as the product will be ready for aestheticians to stock in their clinics/beauty salons.

ISPY AESTHETICARE INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY GLOW SERUM is for anyone, MAN/WOMAN, predominantly wanting their skin to glow.

Its niche market encircles the anti-ageing skin market.

From skin health to longevity, your product offers innumerable benefits that are critical today. Do you believe people have a positive attitude towards their health today?

The power of positive thinking brings heart-warming news.

People with a family history of traumatic and acrimonious divorce proceedings who maintained a positive outlook were 1/3 less likely to show signs of ageing. Their overall physical health proved better than those with a more negative outlook.

I don’t think that people are as positive as they should be—societal acceptance of negativity infected British culture with the assumption that a negative personality makes up the norm…

Although born with a positive personality, this nascent nature can inherently change.

With steps to take that change your outlook and reduce your levels of stress today, you can relieve your physical appearance of these burdens. Simply smile more, even fake smiling, to reduce stress levels; practice reframing instead of stressing about losing something materialistic.

Show gratitude for your health and the roof over your head. Build resilience, the ability to adapt in stressfully negative situations including loss and maintain good relationships with family & friends, accepting change as a part of life.

Take action against problems. Do not choose ungrounded hope for the problem to dissipate or disappear while you wait for them to resolve themselves.

Have you ever found key characteristics in team members that create positive outcomes, such as reliability or self-discipline? How has your insight contributed to your own team selection?

I look for certain characteristics, including “humanity,” “kindness,” and “compassion,” because these qualities present a professional and “humane” ability. If not, I am not interested.

I pick up on these things very quickly.

In today’s world everyone chases money, competes viciously, and your own so-called friends disappoint your loyal trust… There is no humanity left.

This is sickening. If I come across stuck up, fake, and arrogant people I remove myself from that environment very swiftly. My divorce qualifies me more than anything else and I have only really learned about the world in the past five years.

I find my experience sheltered from it before, and I now have a very strong sixth sense about people. Humanity especially, anyway! I became a human rights activist for this very reason.

I have had some heart-breaking experiences in my life and now more than ever I observe the extreme importance of work towards a foundation built on humanity.

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