Skip Archimedes has overcome enormous challenges in his life, from being a kid covered in eczema, with chronic asthma, frequent chest infections and always being on some type of medication, to a young adult whose dreams were broken when he experienced a back injury. But Skip managed to find a system to heal his body and soul and now he travels the world to teach and help people how to live better and healthier lives.  

How do you remember your early life? What is your educational background?

I remember growing up with many health challenges. I was covered in eczema, had chronic asthma, frequent chest infections and was always on some type of medication. I suffered from allergies to animals, nuts, feathers, grass, pollen – the list went on. I was told by the doctors and nurses not to do any exercise because when I did, I would always have asthma attacks. The thing that changed the game for me was when a friend of the family said that I was super-weak physically and must do some form of exercise to get stronger. And when I started gymnastics everything started changing. Literally everything. My body, my energy, my mind and my attitude to life all started improving. I had found something I really loved but I had to work so hard because I wasn’t a natural like some of the other gymnasts. I started to get better though and then, when I was the best that I had ever been, my mother left my father for who at that time was my gymnastics coach. Even though I had improved so many of my health issues my father eventually said, “no more gymnastics son”. I then had to choose who I was going to live with, my mother or my father, and this was a very hard decision to make at that age. At 11 most of the health issues came back – as well as a bad attitude towards life. From 11-18 my weight and emotions went up and down and I was pretty lost in the world. I wasn’t an academic and whilst at school I actually designed and started a mini lottery which students paid £1 for a number from 1 to 50, I sold 50 numbers and gave away 3 cash prizes 1st £15, 2nd £10, and 3rd £5 and I kept £20 each time I did it. But I got caught and was very nearly expelled from school. I was totally innocent about gambling – I just wanted to earn some money and thought it was something everyone liked. I had no clue about the

Soon after, I didn’t know who I was or what I was meant to do in life and then for some unknown reason I started talking to the universe and asked; ‘What has to happen before I can be in a body that I’m proud of?’ ‘What has to happen so that I can help others who need similar help?’ ‘What has to happen so that I can love life?’

 “Do what you love!”

The only answer I received was: Do what you love! Up to thenthe only thing I had loved was gymnastics but surely it was too late for me to do the sport again? Plus, I felt weird because where was this guidance coming from? Was now going mad? I eventually went back to gymnastics, got myself fit, got flexible, got stronger and completely dedicated my life to it. Then one day whilst training I suffered a serious back injury and was told I would never walk again. Now I couldn’t escape myself and I got trapped in my own mind and went to the darkest places in my mind that I had ever experienced. My mother came and told me that she didn’t think it was over for me because she had read that someone else had broken his back, was in traction, but came back fitter and stronger than before. I asked who this person was, and she said, ‘Bruce Lee’. I said, ‘He’s a movie star Mum and it’s not true’. She then showed me that it was true – and I began to study his philosophy and the power of activating one’s mind, body and spirit. Then, using this limitless life-force energy, not only was I able to recover physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – but I ended up going back to the sport and became the ‘English Sports Acrobatics Champion’. 

This experience shifted my self-esteem, my confidence and my beliefs about for what is truly possible in life. I then took that discipline into the business world and created businesses in many countries. I now have the good fortune of travelling the planet helping people to get healthier as their foundation – and to then build their empire upon. Building dreams on sand doesn’t work, there needs to be solid foundation. Then the sky is the limit.


Why did you become a holistic health Coach?

This is critical in today’s world. People in the corporate world are suffering because of their poor lifestyle choices. Health truly is our greatest wealth and I’ve just launched a book called ‘Living Forever Young’ and I say that nothing tastes as good as ‘Living Forever Young’ feels. The trap is that people sacrifice their health for wealth and then if they get the wealth, they have to spend that wealth to try and get their health back later on in life which is crazy because prevention is far more powerful than the cure. Health isn’t just the absence of illness. Health is having limitless energy and good vibes and creativity pulsing through you so that you have a strong enough immune system so that can fight off the infections, diseases etc without you even breaking down. Plus, when your creative juices get flowing, your productivity soars. Less time ill and off work, better focus, better mental clarity and of course better productivity that always serves the Companies and the staff at greater levels.

“People in the corporate world are suffering because of their poor lifestyle choices. Health truly is our greatest wealth.”

What is your mission for yourself in business?

To simply share what I know serves people at the highest levels. We all have greatness within us, but it needs to be activated consistently. Sharing this wisdom with people through my retreats, events (on and offline) and private coaching is such a pleasure because I make it so much fun for people so it’s a really enjoyable journey of self-discovery.

What do you stand for?

It’s simple: only in the truth can you find your freedom so it’s all about the truth for me – so I can serve at the highest levels.

What are your top five keys for business (and or life) success?
  1. To be solution driven and to be balanced, centred and focused on what is important.
  2. To be kind to others and to treat them as you wish to be treated
  3. To have clarity about your next action steps and knowing how you are serving specific needs
  4. To find joint venture partners where win-win deals are created and executed 
  5. To always love what you do and to be passion driven                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
What is one foundational concept you can share with our readers about making positive, bold life change for the better?

I believe that our intuition and our gut feelings are there to guide us to our destiny. But to be able to listen with clarity we must be in tune with ourselves, others, the planet and the universe otherwise we can receive mixed signals. Clarity always breeds power.

“We all have greatness within us, but it needs to be activated consistently.”

Is there something most people don’t know about you?

I’m really all about love and without sounding soft, love is the most powerful force there is – so we may as well spread as much love as we can by giving and receiving it.

What has been the most challenging project you’ve undertaken?  

I have a seven-week online course called ‘CONNECT NOW for Limitless Potential’ and it’s to give people the tools they need to create the mind, body and life they desire. Most people only focus on one area (which means things won’t ever be balanced) but because everything is connected, I had to make sure that all the workouts were fun but still push you. There is a series of guided meditations and mind-set audios and these had to be around areas of life where people need improving and want to improve so there was a lot of research that needed to be carried out. Then, because people are holding on to things that simply don’t serve them today, I had to make sure that these bad habits can be broken so that new empowering ones can be created and integrated into a busy lifestyle. It was a lot of work but when I started seeing the results people were getting from all around the world, then of course it was well worth it.

What advice would you give to an aspiring Writer?

Always write from the heart because that’s your truth and your truth is your powerful message to be shared. We have all had challenges and these are your blessings in disguise. Get others to check what you’ve written and listen to their feedback because feedback is the breakfast of champions.

What is special about your lifestyle?

I really live what I share and teach. I love pushing myself physically. I love feeding my body the best nutrition and that was actually the reason why I created amazing blends of ‘Supercharged Superfoods’ because I wanted the best and couldn’t find it in the market place. I love to meditate to tune into the source of all creation and to be guided from that place. I love conditioning my mind because it’s such a powerful tool that we need on our side otherwise it can be pretty destructive. By getting the body, mind and spirit activated consistently I’ve learnt that your manifesting powers increase astronomically and that’s always a good thing because you get to play at higher levels. The secret ingredient to make sure you’re really enjoying your life is to make sure you build great relationships and you smile and laugh a lot.

I definitely walk my talk because this stuff works, and you can’t fake it. I never dreamed this was possible at some points in my life and it may sound like a cliché but it’s true – ‘the secret of living is giving’ but make sure you’re always giving to yourself first and make sure your cup is filled up. Then whatever overflows is for everyone else. 

“Your mind and body are the only things that are with you from the day you were born until the day you pass so make sure these always function as best as they can.”

I have created some FREE GIFTS that are on my website so please do check them out because they will serve you greatly so that your mind, your body and spirit always serve you at the highest levels. Your mind and body are the only things that are with you from the day you were born until the day you pass so make sure these always function as best as they can. ‘Use it or lose it’ – so use yourself well and start getting used to setting yourself up for success. We have recently started a movement based around Health, Wealth & Oneness which we started in Australia. We then brought it to the UK and while I’m writing this I’m over in Spain where we are launching it this week. Its super exciting and people in our community are getting the most incredible results. We called it ‘The Inner Circle’ and the event is called ‘Live NOW’ and we actually did $250,000.00 in the first week in pre-launch (with no marketing cost or online presence and we didn’t even have a website) and it’s growing stronger every week. Plus, we gave 40% of that straight back into the pockets of the people in the community. We hold events all the time and are always looking for new partners to work with. We’re getting rid of competition and focusing on collaboration by helping everyone rise up together and to celebrate everyone’s success together.  I really do hope that this information serves you at some level and I hope to meet you in person one day at one of my events or retreats.

What are the biggest obstacles that you faced while building your business?

It’s so important to have clarity at each step of the process because it can be so easy to get lost in other people’s hype. It’s so important to be centred, balanced and in alignment so that the ego’s voice doesn’t affect us or our integrity regarding what we are offering and providing. People will always have an opinion – and forgive this saying – but opinions are like ‘butt holes’ because everyone has one and most of them stink. You must stay true to yourself and always look to serve, otherwise you can get lost. I’ve made many mistakes by losing this unshakeable focus and each time it has cost me extra time and money. So, I guess what I’m saying is that my biggest obstacle has always been me. Once I found ‘me’, things fell into place.

How do you differentiate yourself and your business in a global world?

There are so many gimmicks, fads, latest trends and belief systems that end up hurting people at some level. I believe that the products, services and events that I offer really do serve at the highest level. Most people simply want instant gratification in today’s world. However, it’s what we do consistently that really shapes who we are and who we evolve into. I push myself regularly to get the best from myself and to be able to learn from my mistakes with humility and thus always be able to serve in ways that are needed in today’s market place. I’m living proof that what we offer truly works and one thing our world needs is more truth.

Tell us about your future plans and how you will achieve them?

I once had a friend who had a serious health condition and he could hardly get out of bed. He came and lived at my house in London, sharing my lifestyle and now he owns his own cafe and is living life in ways he never could have imagined. Before he was fully healed, he said to me, “Skip, if you’re not in front of people every day then you’re a waste of a resource”. I wasn’t sure how to take that, but I now understand what he meant. I now try to always address large audiences, so I can share these solutions with as many people as possible.

I believe that the message I share and what I teach is needed more in today’s world than any other time in human history. I see my retreats/events/courses/superfoods/the inner circle/coaching etc. all serving at greater levels by simply getting in front of more people all around the world by meeting people in their own environment. It’s a constant evolution but I see us simply serving people in more countries in multiple ways so that our clients and customers get empowered to consistently become the best versions of themselves. The way we will achieve that is by consistently reviewing how we can improve things, always staying true to ourselves and always making sure that we bring the best versions of ourselves to that table. We must enjoy the journey as much as we can because success without fulfilment is failure. That way we have done our best and if we even get close to doing our best then we will be very happy and fulfilled.



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