By Cynthia Vera

For most of us, it’s an inherently terrifying thought that is anxiety-inducing; envisioning ourselves up on a stage with all eyes on us. Microphone in trembling hands as we try to utter words of motivation and inspiration to a room of unimpressed guests. But, for those with the courage and talent, public speaking is a skill they have mastered and turned into a business venture whilst delivering speeches that can transform lives. 

Motivational keynote speakers are experts with unique experiences and knowledge to share with their audience, leaving them with a renewed sense of purpose and ability to rise above life’s challenges. In a world full of uncertainty, loss and negativity, motivational speakers can seemly move mountains with their powerful and captivating messages which often challenge the status quo and social norms. 
Whether it’s sport coaches, entrepreneurs, wellbeing and spiritual leaders, parents or business leaders, keynote speakers are here to teach us that it’s okay to step out of our comfort zones and start pursuing our truest desires to reach fulfilment and success. 

For female keynote speakers, the courage to be motivational speakers goes beyond confidence and talent. It’s courage to be a passionate, empowered woman who is ready to take space and dare to make an impact on the world. Let’s take a look at 2021’s best female keynote speakers moving mountains to create a ripple affect of change one speech at a time.

Mirela Sula

CEO and founder of Global Woman, Mirela Sula is a true powerhouse with a global movement and influence within the business industry. The Albanian-born serial entrepreneur marked her spot as a motivational speaker when she declared that in order “to empower a woman, give her a microphone”. Daring to grab the microphone herself without an self-doubt in sight, Mirela expanded her companies to over 25 countries across the world on a mission to revolutionise and modernise what it means to be a woman in business. 

With an array of resources and online training courses designed to empower business savvy women, or women who to develop their business ventures – globally – but lack the means and motivation to start, Mirela Sula has created a space for uplifting women in a contemporary, male dominated industry.

When the globally admired keynote speaker is not empowering women one stage and microphone at a time, she leads of life full of inspiring, jaw-dropping adventures. From meeting the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, to discuss the importance of gender equality whether that’s in politics or business, to making national TV appearances in both the UK and Albania, the successful businesswoman is one of a kind.

Kim Kiyosaki

Financial expert and educator Kim Kiyosaki is a woman fascinated by the world of entrepreneurship and financial freedom – something she has successfully mastered and continues to build her legacy on.

A businesswoman, co-founder and CEO of the Rich Dad Company alongside her husband Robert Kiyosaki, Kim has dedicated her career to providing educational resources to women around the world who seek financial freedom and independence but might not know where to start. 

In itself, financial freedom is quite daunting and seems out of reach for most of us, especially women who have been taught and in some cases forced to stay away from achieving financial well-being. Even in our progressive and modern societies, women are still being subjected to control when it comes to money. We’re told to depend of male figures in positions of power like family members or a husband. For Kim, this wasn’t an option; the spirited educator and advocate of financial freedom decided to take matters into her own hands and entered the world of business. Now acting as a beacon of inspiration to many modern women who feel restricted and want to escape the cycle of financial control, the internationally renowned speaker hosts an array of seminars, coaching and workshops to motivate women across the world.

Dr Brene Brown 

A researcher, professor, author and a renowned speaker in America, Dr Bene Brown does it all whilst focusing on one of the most intimate qualities we all possess as human; vulnerability. With an interest in human connection and personal stories, she shares her lifelong study for The Power of Vulnerability, the TED-Talk that gave her a space to shine, and describes it as “the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change”. 

In times of uncertainty, we all display a degree of vulnerability because we often feel out of control. But Dr Brown has spent her career teaching us that vulnerability means to be open, to welcome a certain courage that allows us to create a space where ideas can flourish.

The accomplished academic and storyteller has even launched her own podcast called Unlocking Us and Dare to Lead and continues to give her audience virtual commencement speeches and webinars alike to inspire many who seek emotional intelligence and clarity

Eden Gold

At such a young age, 22-year old Eden Gold vowed to change life around after experiencing heartbreak and trauma from her past and in turn, ended up changing the lives of thousands. The professional youth speaker, mental coach and advocate shares her life story and expertise to open a discussion about mental health and its effects.

Creating a safe space to foster such personal and emotionally challenging topics, Eden’s mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion teens and young adults by encouraging them to comfortably talk about mental health and trauma. Through the power of education, and empowered vulnerability, Eden has touches on dysfunctional family relationships, sexual assault and eating disorders. This has empowered countless individuals who admire her to explore and appreciate the journey of healing from trauma and leaving it behind.

Aside from being a successful speaker and coach, Eden is also a businesswoman on an honourable mission. Acting as the founder of an online program Life After High School, she is dedicated to helping her audiences navigate the tumultuous transition into adulthood, a period in our lives that is riddled with onsets of mental health issues. But, Eden provides a handy guide for the youth and guides them through a healing and empowering journey. 

Dr Kim Janson

Keynote speakers don’t always focus on personal or emotionally charged topics. Sometimes, they are on a mission to ignite leadership in business organisations. Take Dr Kim Janson for example, founder and CEO of Janson Associates is an international top advisor on talent and optimisation with over two decades of experience in.

Working with more than 40 countries as a mediator with an innate ability to assess talent within business organizations to come up with solutions that drive success for many industry leaders, Dr Kim knows exactly how to craft an effective leader. The keynote speaker guides teams by focusing on their company culture, something Dr Kim believes is the backbone of any successful business.

The executive development coach helps companies employees understand how effective leadership can drive success, productivity and employee morale. This in turn allows them to transcend challenges and achieve their objectives.

Tera Carissa Hodges 

Putting her faith above all else, in her entrepreneurial endeavours and personal life alike, Tera Carissa Hodges is a faith-based woman empowerment coach, speaker, author and CEO of a media group on a mission to empower women in all aspects of their life.

Hosting live faith empowerment calls almost daily where people from over 50 countries access faith based principles to transform their lives, Tera has been a source of comfort, encouragement and hope for many.

In times of such adversity and collective trauma, faith and hope seem to be all that we have left to keep us going; but for Tera, her faith is something that gives her power to transform the lives of thousands of women.
As a businesswoman, Tera Carissa has had a successful career with her company LR Global Media Group creating some her greatest success stories with her clients getting casted for reality television to major networks. With a range of international media coverage and business awards, this faith-based empowered business woman is on the path to leaving a lasting legacy.

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