The article featured in London Business Magazine for you contains untold treasures of wisdom from business leaders who divulge their secrets to success. Each one presents a unique perspective and approach. Every leader offers insights that allow their reader to better navigate the difficulties, hurdle the obstacles, and achieve the targeted goals they have in their personal and professional lives.

Pauline Truong, a lawyer amongst other things, believes in developing the deep understanding of your niche, surrounding yourself with the success you want to emulate and building the businesses that allow you to “cherry pick” your lifestyle.

Kalnisha Singh offered her insight as a development economist, which describes the benefits of constant self-development, unwavering authenticity, and audacity in goal setting for personal growth, professional and productive success, adaptability, fulfilment, and empowerment.

Another business leader, BB Feenix the Alt Pop artist and writer, motivates you to emulate her self-belief, approach to clarity of thought, and passion. Above all, she encourages others to find themselves deep inside according to the thoughts, beliefs, and life they wish to live—on their own terms.

Jacquie Branagan shares her own secrets to achieving award-winning serial entrepreneurialism as a burnout coach, consultant, and co-founder. She stressed that one ought to prioritise and put first their realistic goals. This means allowing space for self-care, building a support system, and practicing mindfulness amongst other tactics to employ.

Frances Pullin has owned Angels Healing Hearts for a substantial and significant amount of time. Her own journey to where she has arrived to today inspired her suggestions for anyone starting on the same path. She persuasively advises you not to rush but to seek your way into the adventure. Market yourself, says Frances, and work for the pleasures associated with succeeding in what you do.

Gina Maier Vincent has also written and shared special secrets as the Creatrix of Exquisitely Aligned, as a transformation expert and as a podcaster, speaker, and writer with tons to teach. Find out from Gina the secret to making extraordinary decisions fast, easily, and appropriately approved from within your own territory of power. Put your desires first and rely on your intuition like never before after reading Gina’s secret and innovative methods for success.

Arta Kallaba, Aleksandra Pinar, and Camilla Quintana also share their insights on various topics related to success. Explore their stories today, and learn more about the advice, tips, and inspiration these business leaders have to share. Principally, this opportunity provides the aspiring entrepreneurs, the seasoned professionals of our world, and anyone or someone seeking immediate, long-term, and reliable improvement in personal and professional areas. A must-read, you may learn from this article’s tips by applying them to your own life. We invite you to see the results for yourself!

11 Business Leaders for London Business Magazine

Pauline Truong

Lawyer, #GlobePreneur, Innovator, Founder & Investor

Three Tips to Successfully Navigate the Law, Business, and Economy Intersection

  1. Develop a deep understanding, develop clarity, and develop creative experience in your niche, in each sector and their intersectionalities.

    Continue to apply them diligently and efficiently.

    ‘Failures’ are essential steppingstones to success! Keep ‘failing forward’ quickly on your unique path and enjoy the journey!

  2. Surround yourself with successful people and mentors who are thriving in these areas. Uplift and help others to achieve their goals while transforming yourself. 

    Dharma is something to consider. When we follow our dreams, passions and instincts and do our best, the best will come to us!

  3. Life is short; build businesses that enable you to ‘cherry pick’ your lifestyle. The intersection of law, business and economy helps us create a life we love!

Applying legalistic principles and creating multiple investments and businesses enables funds to work for us and not vice versa!

We can give back, pay it forward, help others, make a difference, create an impact and advocate for change in our niche areas.

Visit to learn more about her inspiring story. Feel free to connect with Pauline on LinkedInInstagramFacebook and Twitter!

Kalnisha Singh          

Development Economist | Speaker | Creator of Transformation and Sustainability Strategies That Lead to Meaningful Societal Change

What I Attribute My Success To

Constant Self-Development

I believe that constant self-development is crucial for personal growth and success in various areas of life – particularly as I evolve as a leader and businessperson. I am unequivocally committed to the ongoing process of acquiring new knowledge, skills, and perspectives, and continuously improving myself.

Through understanding my own bias, limiting beliefs and conditioning, I am able to address by limitations and lean into my strengths and unique talents.

I have found that constant self-development is crucial for personal growth, professional success, adaptability, fulfilment, empowerment, and lifelong learning. It has allowed me to continually improve myself, develop new skills, and evolve as a person, leading to a more fulfilling and successful life.

Unwavering Authenticity

As I get older, I have realised that unwavering authenticity, being true to myself, is an essential component of success – especially as it is a measure of personal integrity, allows for meaningful relationships, and enables genuine self-expression.

I have found that authenticity fosters a sense of inner harmony and congruence, leading to greater self-respect and self-esteem. I have found that by being authentic and genuine in my interactions – both personally and professionally – I am better received, the communication is far more genuine, and relationships are sustaining.

As I continue to be true to myself and live in alignment with my values, I am better able to foster authentic connections with others – both personally and professionally.

Embracing authenticity has led to a more fulfilling, meaningful, and empowered life.

Audacious Goal-Setting

I have found that audacious goal setting – in business and in life – is crucial for growth, innovation, and achieving extraordinary results. Audacious goal setting challenges me to push beyond my comfort zones, fosters innovation and creativity, motivates action, drives extraordinary results, builds resilience and grit, and expands personal and professional horizons.

BB Feenix

Alt Pop Artist, Singer- Songwriter, Motivational Speaker, Quantum Music Creator, Biohacker

My Secrets to Success

I’ve discovered that self-belief is a bigger part of the journey than most would credit it for. Especially on the path to success.

We all have tendencies to be our own worst (inner) critic. By lessening the amount of negative self-talk, we give ourselves a better chance of success. By turning the negative self-talk into positive mantras, you can start to rewire your thoughts and beliefs and become whomever you wish to be.

Becoming the boss of your thoughts and direction in life, you find an inner strength that helps you create a mental toughness. It propels you forward in every area of life. 

Making important business decisions is so much easier when you have clarity of thought, rather than making snap decisions from a place of stress and cloudiness.

As young children, we have all the confidence in the world! Slowly and over time, we start to take on the beliefs of society, family members, peers, and those that surround us. We learn to be more cautious, and fear starts to cloud our judgement. We then take that into our later years, and this can form obstacles that stop us achieving the success we dream of and desire.

Learning how to remove these blocks and living life on our own terms, with clarity, provides the building blocks to a success that can only be limited by your imagination. 

Success has come to me through learning to find my own thoughts and beliefs about how I solve problems and want to do things. 

Rather than listening to the critics and doubters that surrounded me, I found myself and my voice by speaking out about what I am passionate on. This has helped me gain confidence, and by helping me to discover my purpose in life, this has helped me to realise that I can be whatever I choose to be in life.

Despite the circumstances, I won’t make excuses, because there’s always a way. 

Turning my mess in life into my message and the lessons in my life into lyrics—I’ve found a way to create an income, from what was the hardest part of my life!

My business has blossomed from the traumas I have gone through. Sharing what I have learned, I am still learning on my journey. Offering invaluable insight to my experience in terms of what others need to hear, I like to help lead the listener or reader find their own path to success. I have a passion for rising in unison.

Sharing joy and happiness is also important because we can also be too serious in handling the curveballs life throws. With the number of things, we have lived through recently as a collective, never mind the individual challenges we face, or have faced, this is a short-term and backward attitude. 

Passionately sharing my knowledge and wisdom is becoming more fulfilling every single day.

Going from being bullied, to fleeing toxic relationships, to rising up and claiming control over myself, my thoughts and my intuition has provided strength to my life. I’ve gone from surviving to thriving and want to lift everyone I can reach, as I go.

Self-belief and self-empowerment, without ego, will strip back any disempowerment that may have scarred you in the past. You do not need external validation from anyone, and anyone that doesn’t support you, was not really meant to be in your camp anyway! 

Creating a way to monetise what lights you up in life rewards more than you could imagine. Getting paid to do what you enjoy is the best way to create a business, because it doesn’t even feel like work! 

Your key to success is locked inside of you—I can help you find the key, to open any door you choose to open. All of that can come from finding some self-belief.

What doors would you like to open? 

Jacquie Branagan

Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur / Burnout Coach – Consultant / Female Founders Consultant / Co-Founder at Create Demand

Secrets to Overcoming Burnout and Personally & Professionally Reaching Success

As a Serial Entrepreneur and Burnout Educator / Coach, I have seen people overcome burnout and achieve success in their personal and professional lives so here are some secrets for success that I hope you find helpful:

  1. Prioritise Self-Care:

Make self-care a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. Take time to rest, exercise, eat well, and engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation.

  • Set Realistic Goals:

Set achievable goals that align with your values and priorities. Break down larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

  • Build a Support System:

Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you. Seek out mentors and coaches who can offer guidance, feedback, and accountability.

  • Practice Mindfulness:

Learn to be present and mindful in each moment. Develop a regular meditation or mindfulness practice to help reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Communicate Effectively:

Improve your communication skills to reduce misunderstandings and conflicts. Practice active listening and seek to understand others’ perspectives.

  • Embrace Failure:

See failure as an opportunity for growth and learning. Use setbacks as a chance to reflect and adjust your approach. Remember, failure is a bend in the road, not the end of the road!

  • Celebrate Success:

Celebrate your successes, no matter how small. Take time to acknowledge your achievements and the progress you have made.

  • Maintain a Work-Life Balance:

Set boundaries to protect your personal time and prioritise your relationships outside of work. Avoid overworking or sacrificing your personal life for your career.

By implementing these crucial secrets for success, you can avoid / overcome burnout and achieve success in all areas of your life. Please always remember, though, to be patient and kind to yourself throughout the process.

Jill Douka

Jill Douka — MBA, Master Certified Coach 

Awarded Business Mentor by the European Union, Women-Entrepreneurs’ Master Coach 

Director of Global Academy of Coaching – Life Coaching & Leadership Certification high achievers get trained to become the best coaches in the world. 

6 reasons why you need ASAP a Business Coach 

Starting a business is an exciting journey, but it can also be challenging and overwhelming. As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for making many decisions, from developing a business plan to managing finances and marketing your products or services. In such a situation, having a business coach can be an invaluable asset. In this article, we will explore six reasons why you need a business coach.

1.       Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

As Jill Douka says, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. A business coach can guide you through the process and provide you with valuable insights based on their own experiences. They have already gone through the ups and downs of starting and growing a business, so they know what works and what doesn’t.

2.       Accountability

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a business coach is accountability. When you work with a coach, you are committing to achieving your goals, and your coach will hold you accountable for your progress. Having someone to answer to can motivate you to work harder and stay on track.

3.       Fresh Ideas

Business coaches have years of experience working with various companies and industries, which means they can provide fresh ideas and perspectives. They can help you see your business from a different angle and identify areas where you can improve.

4.       Emotional Support

Starting a business can be emotionally taxing and having someone to talk to about your struggles can be incredibly beneficial. A business coach can offer emotional support and be a shoulder to cry on when things get tough.

5.       Goal Setting

Working with a business coach can help you set realistic and achievable goals. They can help you break down your big picture goals into smaller, more manageable tasks, and track your progress towards achieving them.

6.       Create a Support Network

Finally, a business coach can help you build a support network of people who can help you achieve your goals. They can introduce you to other entrepreneurs and business owners who can offer advice and support.

In conclusion, working with a business coach can be an excellent investment in your business and yourself. They can offer you valuable insights, accountability, fresh ideas, emotional support, goal setting, and a support network. If you’re serious about building a successful business, consider hiring a business coach to guide you through the process           

Learn more about how you can work with Jill here: Select a Date & Time – Calendly

Frances Pullin

Owner at Angels Healing Hearts


Whatever was I thinking? Here I was, the mother of three and granny of two. One son had transitioned, and I knew I had found a new relationship with myself because of this profound event. It was revealing to find that the things I’d questioned as a child had shifted and changed.

These ideas became believable once my son crossed over and guided me on my spiritual journey.

Church. There was a joyous uplifting of spirit as the hymnals were passed to each of us. I treasured holding one in my hand as music was, and is, a passion of mine. I sang as loud as any. Yet the stories did not resonate. I believed in the Ten Commandments, but why were the leaders telling me to fear God­­­­? I listened, I learned, and I always questioned.

I loved Him and His presence in my life. With no one to talk to about my questions, I buried them and as a young parent, church fell from my weekly agenda. My beliefs were always being questioned as I worked throughout my day and all I could really wrap my head around was trust, truth, and the love of others.


Days turned into nights and then into weeks, months, and years. As I continued to study different modalities and understand the basics of spirituality, I felt confident enough to move forward and teach what I had learned. Such a love-filled passion arose for sharing what I now understood.

Oh, my goodness, what a haphazard business model. Money came in and went out without rhyme or reason. My husband, who had been a corporate executive just rolled his eyes. Not all of us begin with a perfect outline and knowledge of what we are doing. I feel this is important for me to write about.

As I grew my email list, which is important, and had a website built, I was faced with larger expenses and it began to matter to me, my husband, and our accountant. We took on the assistance of a firm to create The Pullin Project, Angels Healing Heart, LLC. I was officially on my way!

Next, we hired a bookkeeper to get the numbers from the files and onto the spreadsheet in their proper categories and communicate with the accounting firm. Numbers call for impeccable information being kept. I must admit that I love creating events and retreats, yet with all the marketing and networking, there was no time for such tedious work as bookkeeping.

That brings up the next task. Marketing. I use lots of social media. There is Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram, and so on.

I also use my networking in the Southern California area to promote classes and events. Having been active in this area for the past 16 years, I know many local healers and practitioners. As the President of the Tustin Holistic Chamber of Commerce I gained visibility and networked leading the group monthly.

I still count on social media as there are many groups there that I belong to. Thus this connects me across the country, into the world. Use quality products for business cards, fliers, and brochures. They make a first impression when picked up off a table when your actual soul is not present.


And now I wish you joy as you move forward in this wonderful venture you have chosen. I wish you all the blessings of growth in your future enjoying the fruit of your labor as I am doing.

I’d like to reiterate a few points I feel you might wish to remember as your journey moves forward.

  1. Don’t go wildly into the adventure. There is plenty of time.
  2. There is no judgement on you. You are amazing and doing the best you can.
  3. Seek professional assistance. A Webmaster, Accountant, bookkeeper, even an assistant. Try not to say you can’t afford something, or you might manifest not moving forward.
  4. Market YOU! An assistant can do the social media postings, but your face, your energy, your passion is key to your success. Network in person as often as possible from the smallest groups to those like Global Woman Club who are worldwide!
  5. Now, get out there. Work for the pleasure of what you do! Make it fun and see it succeed.


Gina Maier Vincent

Creatrix of Exquisitely Aligned | The Finest You… (Living life on your terms)

Transformation Expert | Podcaster | Speaker | Writer


Start living the life you desire & deserve

Have you ever had an extraordinary decision to make, & instead of deciding what was best for YOURSELF…

…You went to everyone around you asking what THEY thought?

I call this crowdsourcing your confidence

Instead of trusting yourself, you rely on other people to know what’s best for you.

We’re taught that one wrong decision could ruin us, that it leads us to feel unqualified.

But that’s not true!!

One wrong decision does NOT have the power to ruin us, AND we are 100% qualified to make extraordinary decisions. 

Here are 3 things to help you make extraordinary decisions easier & faster! 

#1 Seek Approval from Yourself

Release the need for approval from everyone because no one knows you like you know yourself. YOU know your heart’s desires, the ones whispering to you. YOU know what is right for you & what isn’t. 

Seeking approval from others will never feel as fulfilling as following your soul’s desires.

#2 Put Your Desires First

When you make a decision based on someone else’s desires, you’re following someone else’s agenda.

It may feel safe or maybe you’re used to putting others’ needs before your own.

But this typically turns into regrets, resentments, second-guesses, & missed opportunities… 

…Because the decision was never right for YOU in the first place.

#3 Rely on Your Intuition

People like to give their two cents… but this will water down your decisions. And what ultimately matters is what YOU think. 

Stay grounded in WHO you are & what you desire so you can see & feel what aligns best with you.

Before you feel like you need to crowdsource your confidence… ask yourself what you’re really seeking from other people & try to give that gift to yourself.

No one knows you as well as you know yourself – the finest version, your Exquisitely Aligned self.

If you’re feeling disconnected from your intuition, simply think of a positive decision you made. Remember the feeling you had while making that choice. And keep repeating till it feels right.

As you stop giving your energy away seeking outside sources of approval, attention, & acknowledgment, the more you will connect back to your heart-felt desires.

And the faster & easier your extraordinary decision-making process will be.

Dr. Aleksandra Pinar

Doctor of Business Administration in IT, Tech founder,

Business Mentor & Investor

Principle 1:

Trust your intuition         

Trusting your intuition means tuning in as deeply as you can to the energy you feel, following that energy moment to moment, trusting that it will lead you where you want to go and bring everything you desire.

It’s not easy to trust it but if you want to be successful you need to understand it and take risks.

Principle 2:

Work hard

It is simple — if you have a goal and want to achieve something, you need to work hard. No shortcuts. In order to gain your best life, you have to sacrifice something. Frankly the work-life balance in the grinding phase does not exist.

Principle 3:

Learn daily

Create a habit of daily reading and making notes every day.

If you stop learning you will go backwards.

Principle 4:

Make Affirmations

Every morning, give yourself a short but impactful positive self-talk.

Tell yourself that you’re already successful, sensible, attractive, innovative, intelligent, humble, inspiring, leading, loving, influential, confident, productive, and creative.

This strategy will give you the positive boost you need to get started on the right footing. It will also add that extra confidence which will see you through anything that comes your way, emerging successful.

Principle 5:

Be picky when it comes to relationships

Observe who you spend time with. Do they support you? Do you learn something from your circle? If not – distance yourself. You don’t need fake love or false friendships.

Principle 6:

Learn to spent time alone

When you reach your dreams you will believe me — it’s a lonely place. Be kind to yourself. Success is a very, very lonely road. Very few people are willing to make the sacrifices and take the pain to get the gain. It’s an uphill battle and along that road, you’re not going to see too many friends.

You’re going to see your shadow more. You’ve got to trust in your heart of hearts — that deep inside, what you’re doing, what you believe in is a worthy cause and a winnable fight.

Camilla Quintana

Let’s bring back BIG & bold goals!

These days, the self-help industry focuses a lot on taking the stress and the pressure out of our lives. The words ambitious and accomplishment-driven have gotten a fairly negative connotation, bringing images of greedy, unethical, or ruthless people to mind.

As modern women, we are learning towards thinking of ourselves as ‘human beings’ and not ‘human doings.’ And one thing’s for certain: our innate worth in unnegotiable, and it certainly isn’t tied to our actions and results. 

However, there’s also another side to the story:

In my early years of Coaching Expat Women, I specialized in the syndrome of Burnout, a disorder caused by chronic underwhelm that leads to a persistent lack of motivation and interest, to frustration, lethargy, or depression. I’ve seen first-hand how painful a lack of challenge and fulfilment can be and the negative ripple effect it can have.

A life without inspiring and meaningful goals that you ambitiously work to accomplish is the gateway to spiralling thoughts, worry, anxiety, unhappiness, boredom, and even Burnout.

So, let’s reframe what ambition means. Let’s stop feeling bad for wanting to be accomplished. And let’s bring back big and bold goals – shall we?

Here’s why:

Firstly, setting big goals can be very motivating! It will make you think outside the box more, find new ways of reaching it and consequently be more efficient. Plus: even if you don’t manage to accomplish your big goal, you’ll still have progressed much more than you ever would have with a small, less exciting goal.

And secondly, stretching out a project over a prolonged period of time can give way to procrastination, self-doubt, or analysis paralysis. As a consequence, your motivation, drive, and self-trust will deteriorate, making it harder and harder to see your project through.

I’ve come up with 7 steps that I apply in my life and business, and I encourage you to do the same:

  1. Visualize something big you’d really like to achieve or see happen in your life, even though it may seem scary, unrealistic or ‘out there’.
  2. Write your big goal down and be specific.
  3. Give yourself a short deadline to accomplish it: it should be doable, but very tight. It’s not so much about absolutely having to meet it, but rather to start with a bang, gain momentum, create some urgency around your goal and proactively think about how you could finish it in the most efficient way possible.
  4. Mark your calendar: set aside uninterrupted time during which you’ll work on your goal. If you can’t do it alone, schedule meetings with the other involved parties beforehand. Treat it with the priority and urgency you’ve assigned to it.
  5. Exploit resources: How could you uplevel your game? Could you carve out some more time to work on your big goal? Could you improve the quality of your sleep, in order to be more productive and fresher throughout the day? What will you need to delegate or say no to? Who could help you? Who could you collaborate with?
  6. Write down your progress in a journal: every night, before going to bed, take notes of what you’ve done to achieve your big goal, what’s gone well and what you want to improve next time. A few lines or bullets are enough.
  7. Plan out your next day: Have an agenda of things you will do tomorrow, so that you can start your day with intention.

Bonus Step: Self Care & Surrendering

Things can come up unexpectedly and you might need to press pause on your ambitious endeavour. That’s normal, so don’t resist it – plan for it and work around it.

Since your short deadline won’t give you time to dwell, forgive yourself immediately for any mistakes or periods of unproductivity along the way. Make nourishing yourself and recharging your batteries a priority – as you’ll need to be at your best to do your best. 

Sometimes this will indeed look like slowing down and resting; and other times this means putting your phone away, shutting the door and ambitiously working on making your wildest dreams come true!

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