Chloë Bisson: Transforming business into a fully automated income making machine.

By Srishti Kapoor

Chloë Bisson, also known as The Automation Queen, she is the number one bestselling author, international speaker, multi-award-winning entrepreneur, and a global leader in the world of online service-based businesses.

Chloë has been helping businesses to develop, systemize, and automate their products and processes for over 10 years and now spends her time helping female entrepreneurs to turn their skills into a profitable online business using technology. Chloë’s bestselling book, Determined and Dangerous, hit number one on Amazon in 11 categories in just 4 hours as she overtook the male tech giants such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates.

Today Chloë runs two successful businesses, a training organization that teaches female entrepreneurs how to use social media and sales funnels to work less and earn more. Her outsourcing agency, Virtual Assistant Queens, helps clients to build their virtual dream team.She has teams in the UK, Asia, and Australia and has helped thousands of women to build their businesses online using social media, online courses, automation, and sales funnels.

How do you help women entrepreneur automate their business? 

My passion is to help women to automate their businesses so that they can save time, work less, and spending their time doing what they love, whether it’s in their business or outside of their business.

I support women in doing this by either inviting them to join The Automation Queen Academy where I can guide them through each step of the process, hold their hand whilst teaching them exactly what they need to do to reduce their workload, and let their systems do the work for them. I hear a lot of women say that they’re “technophobes” and they don’t think they’ll be able to do it so in the Academy we even go as far as showing what buttons to press in each system to get it to work! But what I learned is that not everyone wants to actually be the one pressing the buttons and building the systems themselves and so we’ve built a team of digital experts, also known as Virtual Assistant Queens, that help our clients by doing the hard work for them. From social media marketing, graphic design, video editing all the way to building sales funnels, and writing marketing campaigns, our team has supported our clients for 18 months to work less and earn more using sales funnels and automation.!

Can you tell us something about your Amazon best-selling book Determined and Dangerous?

I wrote my book, Determined and Dangerous, to show women that no matter what gets in your day, you have the power within you to achieve anything. I share the story of how I went from having everything I’d ever wanted to losing my relationship, losing my home, losing my job, and being diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 24. I got to a point where I had to make a decision whether to give up on life or whether I was going to fight for what I wanted so I battled my depression, used my challenges to fuel me, and built her own successful online business.

My goal with the book is to inspire women that have been faced with challenges to bounce back from the whiplash of life, find the path to your power and do what it takes to create your dream life.

What is the importance of social media and sales funnels in the age we are living in today? 

In the age we’re living in today, every business needs to have an online presence. For so many people, as soon as they find out about a business, one of the first things they do is google them or look for them on social media. It’s become a given and so it’s vital for businesses to have a strong online presence using social media and sales funnels. Social media is an incredible tool that gives us all the powerful ability to connect with our potential clients from the palm of our hands. As soon as you’ve mastered this, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or other platforms, it will increase your exposure online, people will begin to know who you are and more importantly, want to work with you.

The key behind this type of automation is getting in front of people without having to do anything. It’s great being known and connecting with new potential clients but they only go from potential clients to paying clients if it’s done correctly using sales funnels. Sales funnels are huge when it comes to selling online and is focused on the idea of selling to people using technology and not being involved in the process whatsoever.

When you’ve nailed the social media and the sales funnels, business becomes so much easier! You can begin to find out where your sales are coming from and more importantly, how much it’s costing you to get those sales. For example, if you work out your sales funnel and you know when you have 100 people enter your funnel, it will cost you £100 but you know the sales funnel will generate you £1,000, it becomes a machine and a matter of how many £100’s do you want to put in the front of the funnel to get £1000s out. Ultimately, social media and sales funnels help you to create some predictability in your income and most importantly, your bottom line!

Tell us more about Virtual Assistant Queens andhow it works efficiently in 3 parts of the world? 

VA Queens help entrepreneurs to create their virtual dream team so they can save time whilst building their business. It’s like having an employee in your business without the stress and hassle of contracts, employment requirements, and payroll! From as little as £85 per week, we support our clients by taking work off their to-do list using our expertise and experience.

We help our clients with everything from social media marketing, including graphic design, video editing and copywriting, all the way to building funnels, including sales funnels, book publishing, webinar funnels, online course platforms and more! Our VA Queens are an extension of our client’s teams and work efficiently from the comfort of their homes. We have strict technical and Wi-Fi requirements to ensure minimal disruptions whether they’re working from Australia, UK, or Asia.

During the COVID-19 pandemic what tips you would give to business which are struggling with remote working, making profits and sales? 

Wow, remote working was something I struggled with a lot when I first started my business. I was craving human connection a lot and as a speaker, it felt strange not being able to energetically connect with my clients. But the key to remote working is your environment and structure.

Firstly, have a designated place to work that gives you energy and makes you feel good and it doesn’t have to be just one place. For example, when I’m going to run a webinar, I move to a different room in my house and I’m always stood up so I can keep my energy up. However, when I’m having a team meeting with our 12 members of staff, I will go to a different room because my energy needs to come from a different place.

Secondly, make sure you have lots of breaks and set boundaries. If you were working in an office, there are opening hours and hours where the office is closed and this is the same for when you’re running an online business. Just because you have a virtual office doesn’t mean you should have online working hours. It’s so important to maintain a balance and set yourself virtual opening hours. The second I did that in my business, it completely transformed! It allows you to be a better business person and also encourages your clients to respect your boundaries and value your time.

In summary

just because you’re an online business or working virtually, you’re still human, not a machine. So treat yourself like a human, manage your environment, keep yourself fueled and give yourself designed working hours or “opening hours” to respect your time because it’s the one thing that you’ll never get back!

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