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Valentine is near! It is an opportunity to express your love with gifts. And when these gifts are made with good taste, even better for your loves. What do women want? What makes them happy? What is that precious memory that they want to carry with them forever? Of course a precious piece of jewelry. We are...
TikTok has taught us a lot about the simple things in life and DIY home hacks are no different. With over 1 million global searches for DIY this past month, the rise of TikTok has opened our eyes to simple tricks which could not only save us precious time but money in our everyday lives.
By Cynthia VeraThe 17th of May saw lockdown restrictions being lifted as per the UK government's four-step roadmap to get us out of lockdown. As we begin to integrate ourselves with the life we once used to know, one that wasn’t limited to our homes, occasional trips to the supermarket and the...

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