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Dr Kellyann Petrucci
Food is fuel. It can power your mind and it can power your business. As an entrepreneur I am always on the go. Whether it’s for a national broadcast television media appearance, a convention, or a busy book tour, I find myself in a constant state of motion. This type of schedule is a paradox. It’s exhausting, but it also...
Lady Noora’s ISPY Aestheticare International will launch their new product which aims to provide an emergency glow through its innovative serum. This serum specifically came out of the target to meet the demand generated from dull, faded skin. It provides a concentrated dosage of vital ingredients including Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. This serum...
11 Business Leaders for London Business Magazine
The article featured in London Business Magazine for you contains untold treasures of wisdom from business leaders who divulge their secrets to success. Each one presents a unique perspective and approach. Every leader offers insights that allow their reader to better navigate the difficulties, hurdle the obstacles, and achieve the targeted goals...
Enough of the greenwash! Plenty can talk the talk on climate issues but London Business has passed the mic to women sharing insights and taking sustainable action today.

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