By Kayleigh Greenacre

Founder of Actually, I Can! Kayleigh Greenacre has set out to inspire women to develop a growth mindset by empowering them to achieve their desired goals and reach success.

Research has shown that the mindset plays a major part in gaining success. Kayleigh believes that success is directly linked to the mindset of an individual and that adopting a growth mindset supports them with making progress towards success. Kayleigh notes she is “a firm believer that anyone can achieve their goals and succeed, providing they apply the right mindset and develop the knowledge and skills in order to do so.”

So, how does a growth mindset help to empower women?

Developing a growth mindset empowers you to cultivate self-confidence and self-esteem as well as encouraging you to be more motivated and determined to reach your goals. Our mindset plays a huge part of our success in life, therefore developing a positive growth mindset is somewhat critical if you want to succeed.

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Individuals who believe that they can develop and improve through hard work have a growth mindset. These people generally enjoy learning new things and taking on challenges (even if they involve risk), and they value the growth created by these challenges. Having this kind of mindset can help you live a fuller and more meaningful life because you are more willing to try new things, learn from your experiences, and believe that you can continue to grow as a person.

With a growth mindset you can be more successful. With more energy, resilience, and confidence, you are able to work harder towards your goals. The more you believe you can achieve the goals you set for yourself, the more your confidence will grow. Confidence really supports individuals with facing challenges, trying new things, and growing as an individual.

Image via Kayleigh Greenacre

Kayleigh highlights that developing her own growth mindset over the past few years has been a source of support for her own personal growth. She has focused daily on her mindset work applying a range of strategies to support with developing her growth mindset, which has given her the power and courage to launch her own business and believe in herself.

She states, ‘I was always happy working in education and loved my job, but I knew I wanted to do more and felt I had more to give to others. My aspiration was to launch my own business supporting females with their mindset in order to achieve success. I had a passion for positive psychology and the impact of a mindset. However, I lacked confidence and feared failure and judgement. After investing in myself through coaching, mindset work and more studying, I developed the confidence and gained empowerment encouraging me to finally ‘go for it’. My new business ‘Actually, I Can!’ is a true example of how growth mindset really does empower you and encourages you to reach for your dreams.’

How do you develop a growth mindset?

Here are Kayleigh’s top 8 tips to help you develop a growth mindset. She explains that if you apply a number of these to your daily life, you will soon notice that your outlook is more positive and that you feel more empowered and motivated to achieve:

  • Be brave and confident.
    Confidence is extremely important and is valued by many. Have the confidence to set your goals and go for them, never mind how hard they feel or how far away they seem. Be brave on every step of the way up your staircase to success.
  • Be curious.
    Curiosity is a characteristic that is linked to learning. Be curious about what you are trying to achieve and about how to achieve it.
  • Be inspired by others.
    Think about who inspires you, and why. Look at their story, life, methods, philosophies, successes, and mindset. How have they become so successful? What can you learn from them? Most people are inspired by others and how they have become successful. Use the experience of others to help you reach your goals.
Image via Kayleigh Greenacre
  • Take risks and take on new challenges.
    Take on new, exciting challenges that will help you to progress towards your end goal. Be a risk-taker. Tackle challenges head-on with confidence and determination.
  • Accept failure.
    Accept that everyone fails at things and that failure is a lesson to be learned. Think about why you failed, how you could improve things, and what you will do to ensure things go more smoothly next time.
  • Acknowledge that growth happens over time.
    Growth is not necessarily rapid. Look at the growth you have achieved up to now – how have you grown and what have you done to achieve this?
  • Reflect.
    Give yourself the opportunity to reflect on your progress and journey. Reflect on your mindset and how you have approached challenges. What have you learned along the way, and how have you developed as an individual over time?
  • Love what you do.
    Be passionate about what you do and what you are working towards. Love the goals you have set yourself and the process you are following to achieve those goals.

Having worked with individuals for over 12 years within the education sector and through recent years of coaching entrepreneurs and career professionals, Kayleigh can see the impact the mindset has on individuals.

Kayleigh sees significant growth potential in so many women around her (both entrepreneurs and career professionals) therefore knows there are many other women out there like her who are driven and ambitious but just need some support with their mindset and confidence / self-belief in order to reach their ultimate goal.

To find out more about how you can develop your growth mindset to support with your goals and success, please visit Kayleigh’s website Actually, I Can! and keep up with her on Instagram.

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