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Elaine Powell - The Thought Disruptor
A close female friend guided Elaine to a three-day personal development course as she was very far off track in terms of her career, being stressed and was in severe debt. On top of this, Elaine was informed that she could no longer have children. Elaine believes that by choosing to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, stories, and...
Sanjeev Desour
A confidential peer advisory group of non-competing and non-conflicting businesses is formed by The Entrepreneurs Academy to bring together CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs. During their discussions, they openly discuss both their biggest challenges and their biggest opportunities. In addition to sharing insights and identifying blind spots, they offer agenda-free advice based on their own experience. Members also receive...
To have a lasting business, you need to be ready to address any hurdles that might come in your way. If anything, the past 2 years have proved that. London Business Magazine speaks to 5 women about how best to future-proof
It's a harsh economic landscape out there, but it only take seeds to produce a harvest. From co-operatives to online start-ups, what innovative paths are there towards opening your business?
Recent events have highlighted the urgent need to address a lack of substantive diversity in this post-modern life. 5 women open a discussion on how to achieve this in a work setting.
It's not easy trying to have it all. Is it possible? Is it even desirable? London Business Magazine talks to a range of businesswomen from differing backgrounds about this common conundrum
Ever wished you could go back in time and say something to your younger self? Or perhaps you're wondering what piece of advice your older self would offer. Read on to embark on a journey through life's experience.
Enough of the greenwash! Plenty can talk the talk on climate issues but London Business has passed the mic to women sharing insights and taking sustainable action today.
Stuck in a rut? Reeling from the 'winter blues'? Read on as 10 women share their experience and expertise to get you through the longer nights
By Claire Yew At the age of 30, retirement planning was not even on my mind! I was single, my career was just taking off, and I was enjoying my life. One day, my friend told me about his plan to work very hard to retire at the age of 45. That really...

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