By  Cynthia Vera

Joined by women from all over the world, the Global Woman founder and CEO Mirela Sula took the virtual stage yesterday evening to share her journey and the 7 steps that can help you grow your business in a two-hour insightful live webinar. The masterclass was met with huge enthusiasm, with women gathering from all corners of the globe – Cyprus, Canada, Sweden, Zambia, Netherlands, Mongolia, to name a few – all eager to hear Mirela’s business blueprint formula. 

Every business has a story. Moving to England with a teenage son with very little savings and taking on a job as a cleaner, Mirela became the definition of ‘nothing is impossible,’ as she shares her journey to success. Having travelled around the world, Mirela shares her experience of meeting thousands of women, all with the same vision – to grow and go global. With years of experience in psychology, publishing, branding and marketing, Mirela had the attention of everyone as she spoke words of encouragement.  

In a virtual room full of women, she encourages them to recognise their potential, grow their vision and connect with their purpose. Leaving no stone unturned, we delve into the 7 steps, and we assure you that every woman at the webinar left with a new sense of purpose, empowerment and motivation. Whether you are a successful woman in business, a consultant, an entrepreneur, a start-up, self-employed, or even just thinking of starting a business, Mirela has all the knowledge. Sitting down with numerous empowered women, Mirela shared the 7 steps (7Ps) to growing a global business – the foundation of her online programme. 

  1. Purpose
  2. Powerful strong mind
  3. Platform
  4. Products
  5. PR and media publicity
  6. Publish a book
  7. Public speaking

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Think Big and Go Global is a unique online programme dedicated to supporting strong women from all over the world who are eager to make their visions and dreams a reality. The programme covers every aspect, from creating a brand and a platform, public speaking, media opportunities to creating your own product or service. With one-to-one coaching with Mirela Sula herself, you are guaranteed that your business will become a global success. 

The programme consists of 7 online courses with 32 modules, an opportunity to speak at your own webinar, book designing and banners and an exclusive feature in Global Woman Magazine. A breakdown of the 7-week course and the route to grow your business globally: 

Week 1: How to reach your big vision 

Week 2: How to monetise your mind

Week 3: How to build a GLOBAL platform

Week 4: How to create compelling products

Week 5: How to write and publish a book

Week 6: How to be featured in the media

Week 7: How to speak on a global stage

Take action and invest in your life, from envisioning to achieving. Make sure you join us next week at 16:00 GMT (UK time) to see and listen to more of Mirela’s business insights. Two hours full of inspiration to reflect on your purpose in life and will influence your future.

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