A confidential peer advisory group of non-competing and non-conflicting businesses is formed by The Entrepreneurs Academy to bring together CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs. During their discussions, they openly discuss both their biggest challenges and their biggest opportunities.

In addition to sharing insights and identifying blind spots, they offer agenda-free advice based on their own experience. Members also receive coaching, mentoring, education, and accountability to enable them to grow, prosper, and excel. It was founded by Sanjeev Desour. A unique opportunity is offered by Sanjeev in this interview, as you will hear directly from an expert.

Helping people succeed and create a life of freedom and fulfilment is without a doubt one of the most rewarding achievements and feelings for the human spirit. – Sanjeev Desour


What is your experience positioning yourself as trainer, coach, and mentor?


I am experienced with both business and property with experience in starting and exiting multiple companies and property deals in both residential and commercial markets. More recently I have acquired experience working on development projects. I have worked and consulted with almost every property investment trainer and business and marketing trainer in the industry. Couple this with the fact that I have been coaching since 2008. Given the experience and knowledge I have accumulated in both business and property coupled with a formidable network of experts I have at my disposal I’m confident to say I have valuable experience and strategies to share which will help people accelerate their success and growth in business and property.


What would you say is your biggest advantage in today’s market?


Having the knowledge, experience, and certainty in how best to serve and grow during this time would be an advantage to anyone. – Sanjeev Desour


We can all see the economy is in turmoil for a varying number of reasons including the increasing interest rates and inflation. This will hinder business growth and there is only so much the government can do; it’s a messy and troubling situation for many. Sadly, the cumulative effect of this and other variables will lead to a number of creative investment opportunities that will apply to residential and commercial property—I say sadly as there is a portion of society that will be negatively impacted as a result and others will benefit. This is a sad and inconvenient truth. Having the knowledge, experience, and certainty in how best to serve and grow during this time would be an advantage to anyone. Whilst the situation in 2008 was different, some variables remain the same and therefore so will the effect.


What are some of the most common mistakes that people make when they start investing in property?


Many people buy based on emotions and not on financial logic. Property ‘investment’ is not about emotions; it’s simply a vehicle that exists to accommodate people or businesses and in turn to provide cashflow and profits for the investor. Intelligent investors will first invest time in the right education to gain the correct knowledge to enable them to strategically invest in property confidently, safely, and profitably.


What are your thoughts on the current state of the property market and how does that apply to the typical investor at the Property Investor’s Academy?


The state of the economy and property market is clearly troubled: cost of living, interest rate increases etc. Whilst some areas may experience minimal impact it is widely believed that some other areas of lower income may be more profoundly and negatively impacted, affecting the equity percentage that homeowners and landlords have in their properties.

We also need to take into consideration that landlords are also being impacted by increasing rates, tenant eviction bans, the need to improve the energy efficiency of their properties to comply with legislation and the already existing tax burdens for privately held investment properties.

It can be overwhelming for many tired and accidental landlords who don’t perhaps have the right knowledge in how best to combat these challenges. At a time like this we need the right people around us to advise and coach us and also hold us accountable. This is built within the fabric of our academies.

Sanjeev Desour

What advice would you give to someone looking to become a property investor or entrepreneur?


…remember that knowledge, accountability and consistency are what really matter… — Sanjeev Desour


Get coaching from a credible, experienced mentor and someone you can gel with. Get coaching from someone who understands your current position and who can help you define and achieve ecological goals and outcomes. Be ambitious but remember that knowledge, accountability, and consistency are what really matter, as do other critical factors.


Have you delved into the property investment market with your own capital, and if not, why?


Yes of course but I also work collaboratively with investors and joint venture partners. It depends on the deal, the timing, and the skills and resources that are needed for a fruitful outcome.


What are some of your favourites in properties that you or your clients have invested in? Why?


There are a variety, including undervalued distressed sales, industrial, HMO’s and even hotels.


What are some difficulties you’ve faced with your mastermind groups?


Our masterminds’ groups have been created to overcome difficulties and we have found that at a table we tend to find solutions for the problems we face. It’s a very powerful context.


What are the best practices for property management that you’ve come across to overcome these difficulties?


In terms of management, we advise our investors to let local management agents manage their properties until such a point where they have enough property within their portfolio in their area to build their own management team.


What’s your favourite part of coaching?


Seeing our clients achieve the results they want. Helping people succeed and create a life of freedom and fulfilment is without a doubt one of the most rewarding achievements and feelings for the human spirit.


You mentioned that some of the best work you have seen from individuals in The Entrepreneur’s Academy could not have been achieved without the unique co-working collaboration The Entrepreneur’s Academy offers.


The Entrepreneurs Academy Mastermind groups are a safe space for business leaders to come forward and discuss their challenges with a board of 11 other individuals. The members of each cohort are from non-competing businesses and this allows for complete openness and vulnerability. What we discuss in our meetings is treated with the strictest of confidentiality and the group acts as a sound board and a boardroom, or supportive confidants who can advise based on their experience and what they see which perhaps you don’t. The space is one of support and cultivation, where we can problem-solve and accelerate growth and success.


How have you applied a similar philosophy of team-work within Property Investor’s Academy?


…which results in accelerated growth and the ability to achieve and create something far beyond what perhaps one person can on their own. — Sanjeev Desour

The quality of your peer group is the most powerful force in influencing and driving your success. Within our mastermind groups, members, guest speakers and coaches bring varying skills and resources to the table which results in accelerated growth and the ability to achieve and create something far beyond what perhaps one person can on their own.


How do you ensure that your clients are happy with your service?


Constant feedback. The questionnaires and check-ins we frequently ask members and coaching clients to complete, they will detail what they aspire to and what obstacles they face. In doing so we can better understand and serve them in achieving success. The outcome of our business is to help your business grow so we always welcome and listen to what our clients and members are looking for. We understand that one single coach may not have all the answers but within our network there is no question or challenge that hasn’t been answered. Our academies have been created to help business owners and property investors solve problems, overcome obstacles, and accelerate their growth and success.


How do you offer a holistic view of the property investment process to the most curious and unfledged entrepreneurs who knock at your door?


We are very particular with who we work with—there is a process of assessment. This ensures we are a mutually right fit, for the client and that the client is the right fit for us. Each client’s goals and outcomes are taken into account to ensure that the fit is right. Education, coaching and accountability has proven to be the most effective approach to helping people succeed in business and property.


What is the process for getting started as a client with the Property Investors and Entrepreneurs Academies?


It’s very simple, the first step is to book in a free consultation via our website www.EntrepreneursAcademy.co.uk and www.PropertyInvestorsAcademy.com


What are the attributes that are needed in today’s business climate?


Creativity and adaptability.


How did you invest your time in the covid lockdown?


There were many people and businesses negatively impacted during this time and others that flourished. I looked at some of the businesses that we work and consult with and found that many had similar problems. Speakers, trainers, and coaches didn’t have a way to effectively connect with and serve their clients as the medium they were using—live events—had come to a screeching halt. I therefore created a solution to help all people and companies in the coaching, training and mentoring space to continue with a solution that was as close to a real-life event as it gets and created www.IgniteStudios.co.uk. This takes me back to my earlier comment, being creative and adaptive is what is needed in entrepreneurship through troubling times.

Why did you do this to help other trainers and mentors?


Why not? As I said, our driving force is to help people and businesses achieve more success, freedom, and fulfilment. It can be with our academies or with another, the goal is the same. In fact, we support and collaborate with most others in our sector and understand that we all share the same goal so why not work together. Also, one of our companies www.IgniteEvents.com supports most speakers, trainers and experts in the country and worldwide so we have an obligation and a moral duty to help them.


Sanjeev Desour


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