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It's a harsh economic landscape out there, but it only take seeds to produce a harvest. From co-operatives to online start-ups, what innovative paths are there towards opening your business?
Recent events have highlighted the urgent need to address a lack of substantive diversity in this post-modern life. 5 women open a discussion on how to achieve this in a work setting.
Empowerment can come in many forms. For Debora, the pen symbolises her search for freedom and expression in the form of words. Here she talks about her journey from Italy to London and how her literature teacher just didn't get her style.
In the first article of a new series on contemporary feminism, London Business Magazine surveys the women's liberation scene, in the run up to International Women's Day
By Sujany Baleswaran With a commitment to social justice, Parul Begum has dedicated over 20 years of her life to helping vulnerable women and children, focusing on issues such as forced marriages and domestic violence whilst championing the cause of equality. Born and raised in Bangladesh, the life...

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